My teenage daughter is ruining my life...

I'm so sick of her and I really wish that I could afford to send her to boarding school. I would not reccommend having children to anyone because it becomes a joyless pile of s*** peppered with the odd moment of happiness as they get older. My daughter does her best to ruin my happiness and is succeeding. I feel bullied in my own home and she blames me for absolutely everything when all I have done is love her and facilitate her lovely life. She is selfish, rude, spoilt, ungrateful, hateful, narcisistic, messy, lazy and unkind. Even her younger brother doesn't like her because she makes no effort to be nice to him at all. Before she came to be about 8 I did not have arguments with anyone in my life, I'm a total pacifist and hate confrontation. She starts arguments constantly and makes our home a crap place to be. I feel sorry for her brother. She has said the most hurtfull things that anyone has ever said to me in my whole life and I would love it if she would just f*** off. Apparently she is delightful to everyone else, ha! Great one, why do we get the crap? She has squeezed almost all the joy out of me and I look forward to when she leaves home. Does any mother ever come back from feeling like this? I feel that once she leaves home I don't care if i never see her again but it sounds wrong to say it.


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  • I feel the same exact way about my teenage daughter you're not alone

  • Ladies and gentlemen what kind of teenager were you? Have we all selective memory?These kids are not monsters they are just inexperienced.They are selfish and self serving but most adults are as well ! Many times I want to kill my child and wish I could wave a magic wand and have peace , however I remember on many occasions putting my wonderful parents through h*** .I am now not that person I grew up and have a completely different relationship with them! Go and tell your daughter you disagree with her behavior want better for her don’t appreciate the stress you still love her and that this risky behavior will only make the way she feels about herself even worse .Do not give up on your children you do not have to enable their bad behavior but you need to still love them unconditionally! Set healthy boundaries , take phones , cars, and let them cry rant kick whatever! Walk away a go sit outside in nature regain composure and face it with a different perspective.These brats are our babies they weren’t always fresh faces but this is part of growing up doing dumb s*** like everyone does ! Hug them and tell them you get it!

  • If I tried to hug my daughter she would report me for sexual abuse.

  • Wow. Inappropriate but I did lol so thanks for that

  • 47yo dad. My 15 yo daughter has turned my whole entire life upside down. My kid is a selfish, stubborn, rude, confused spoiled mess. She's ran away several times we had to call the police to find her. She has s** in my house on my couch and I caught her several times. She swallowed a hundred of my prescription pills and they had to pump her stomach and she cuts herself. We had to remove her from school because she can't find a happy medium and complains that the other kids are bullying her because she is white. Now that she manipulated me and my wife into homeschool she's blaming me for mentally and emotionally and physically abusing her. Law enforcement is involved she's not allowed to come home, she's living with her grandmother. CPS and other case workers have been out to the house and of course there is no evidence whatsoever. The judge put her in protective custody and then they sent her to a mental institution for 5 days, all the sudden sense we have to go to court again she's on her best behavior. Her motto is "fake it till you make it". Our lifes for the last 30 days has been a complete stressful train wreck. My wife and I almost separated several times. All for what? So she can rule my household not do her schoolwork, play Xbox all night, have s** with boys and get online naked? What a waste of time!

  • I feel you
    My daughter is the same
    I will pray for them both

  • The xbox, the online, it is ruining our daughters. Mine too. I cannot do anything or be around anyone because she has been running me through this play for 3 years straight. And then they wonder why we don't hang out any more.

  • You are living my life. My daughter has completely ruined mine. She, also, has got child protection involved - a terrifying experience. I attempted suicide because of my extreme anxiety ( she made false allegations of physical abuse which she eventually withdrew and they are now ‘investigating’ claims of emotional abuse) These people hounded me while I was in a psychiatric hospital & even came in. My daughter bullies me relentlessly - her father accepts all her allegations so no support there. I was told I couldn’t return to the family home so I am living alone in an apartment. Look, I am no angel - I’ve completely lost it with her at times but I know I don’t deserve this. My going home depends on her & she doesn’t want me to.I have been trying hard to work on myself but now I feel I don’t really want to go back to all that hate, rage & manipulation. Is this normal? She is just 16 and she has broken me completely and hurt me beyond repair. I have to see these people in 3 days time - they terrify me. I am so, so exhausted by it all. Thanks, M

  • M, I am in the same boat. I hate it, hate them, hate what has happened to what was once a great relationship. I had to stop caring. That sounds harsh but I honestly don't care anymore. My kid is failing school, don't care...My kid is vaping, don't kid is drinking, don't care...That is not true. I DO CARE BUT I CANNOT LIVE WITH IT. So instead I remind them that this is their life. These are there choices. These are their consequences. And in some strange way that brings some level of peace.
    Stay strong and know that it isn't about you. They are suffering just as much if not more than you. They are a******* and suck! And I guess that is the way it is supposed to be right now.
    Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your story.

  • I am so sorry

  • Whining about your teenage daughters, whining about people you used to judge for not having kids saying "Yeah, how's THAT workin' out for ya?"... do you "parents" do ANYTHING besides whine whine whine?

    It's hilarious how you screech "You have NO idea what we're going through!!"... but if the same person were to *compliment* you on your issue, you'd go all warm and gooey and agree with everything said, no matter how off base it might be. Hypocrites.

    Surprise! The DNA replicant you just had to have is not an offshoot of YOU, but an individual.

    Surprise! Making babies sets you up for a lot more stress, heartbreak, money issues, etc. etc. etc. than the attention and shower presents make up for.

    You set yourself up for 18+ years of commitment with little to no thought of what that's going to consist of, then act all hurt and shocked when things go badly.

    You breeders act like no one's ever reproduced before you, and no one could have ever seen the bad stuff coming. Thus proving that it really is mainly stupid people having all the babies.

  • Yes we are stupid. Someone was definitely stupid for having YOU. BREEDERS? OH maybe you are not human so you can't make a baby, you are from some other elite species 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • What you have to do homework and maybe clean up the house, rarely! You kids have no idea what the "real world" is really like, it's definitely not some video game and when life hits you like a ton of bricks don't cry back to us parents. You already burnt that bridge.

  • If you aren't a parent why are you even reading about people's parenting issues?
    Are you that bored?
    If you are that bored maybe you should try to date.
    Get laid. Have a baby. Have parenting issues.
    I bet your favorite movie is "THE" Christian Bale movie.
    Check that.

  • Wth are you even rambling on about? 😂😂
    All of your "quotation's" are just your thoughts.
    L**** 😂😂
    You probably skimmed the post.
    Almost like people that don't listen when others speak.
    You are too busy thinking of what you want to say. Lol

  • I’m in The same boat. My 17-year-old daughter is beyond unbelievable. She swears at me belittles me he makes fun of me steals my money says she hates her whole family. Cheats in school, steals things from stores and tells me all she wants to do is get drunk and do drugs. I have taken her to multiple therapists, she had psychiatric testing, Dhe has ADHD & Anxiety- she’s been on multiple multiple multiple psychiatric drugs, she’s had occupational therapy, physical therapy, holistic therapy, any possible thing you could think of. Nothing has ever changed

    Mind you we live in a nice house she attends a nice private school but she doesn’t seem to care about anything. She tells me she gets good grades because she cheats in all of her classes. She’s been caught cheating and suspended from school once already. I am so so sick of her.

    We have tried grounding her, taking everything away, taking privileges away, limiting access to friends taking computer away anything I can think of. She just doesn’t care. All she wants to do is delight in the misery of others. I am so fed up with her I wish she would just leave. As soon as she’s 18 I am cutting her off. I never want to see her again. She makes everybody in the house miserable and she makes me cry every day. I wish I didn’t feel this way but I am at the end of my rope. I can’t do this anymore.....

  • She is old enough for you to go to court and emancipate her now.
    She wants her freedom? Give it to her.
    I can't yet.
    But when my 15 yr old is old enough ?
    I will will play the Skynard song Freebird in the courtroom.

  • I will quote Martin Luther King “ Free at last, free at last, thank God I’m free at last”

  • My almost 15 yo son is ruining my life and systematically destroying my health. I have loved him more than any human being possible. Even through it all I still love him but my soul is being crushed daily. I take him to doctors and therapists but he won't talk. He's also narcissistic and tells me I'M TOO EMOTIONAL. How can you not be emotional when you love someone so much and they are hurting you to your soul. I gave him everything. I gave him my ALL. And I swear to God he's killing me. Slowly. I do not know what to do anymore.....

  • I totally understand you. My will be 16 yr. old daughter makes me feel like sh*t too. As if I was a stepmother or something. She's everything you described about your daughter. She's always jealous of her brothers, I believe she wants me dead. My marriage is falling apart and I feel my husband doesn't care about me anymore. I wish I was gone. They hate and does not love me.

  • My 14 year old daughter ended up in the ER for smoking weed and lied through her teeth about it until the ER MD told me it was drugs... not even a week later she sneaks out and goes to Venice beach, which is 30+ miles from home. She is spoiled, selfish, and a product of a single mom. Her dad is intermittently in her life. She doesn’t care about anyone or anything but herself and I am so sick of her. She’s messy, lazy, and is constantly scheming behind my back. I’ve lost all respect for her after everything and I just hate her right now, it is making me so depressed...... idk what I’ll do anymore.

  • I feel the same at the moment. My daughter is defiant and rude. She's 12. Last night whilst I was at work she and her friends proceeded to paint her bedroom. Something I expressly told her not to do. She has trashed her brand new carpet in doing so. She called me a c**t and told me her (deadbeat) dad is a better parent than I will ever be. I am a single mum, working all the hours I can to raise her and her sister. I feel like I could run away right now.

  • I'm finding the following article incredibly insightful:

  • I’m sitting here sobbing reading this !!! It New Year’s Day and I just returned home to carnage. I gave my 15 year old daughter permission to stay at a friends house for New Year’s Eve whilst we (husband 2 kids ) went to stay with family over night. My one mistake I did nt check with the other mum she was staying! What was to be a few girls staying at the house turned out to be 50 teenagers ransacking my house........ I’m devastated, windows broken fence panels in, I ve collected 150 gas canisters, pot butts, hundreds of empties. It’s not the material, it’s the emotional it feels like my house has been broken into. My little boy terrified going to bed, incase the naughty boys come back! I lost it and hate my behaviour with her. I ending up calling the police as I did nt know what to do with canasters and thankfully they absolutely tore a strip of my daughter told what could of happen, rape, drugging, knife violence ...... how could she, how could she lie, how could she abuse me! I’m devastated broken beyond belief.

  • Pick up a broom and beat the sh*** out of these damned teenagers and then put them in foster care. No one tells you having kids will be a death sentence to your peace. Better not to have kids ever.

  • Hahah this was the best reply I've read. These little bastards have way too much power. I will probably lose everything if I beat my teen and send her to a foster home, but man she f****** deserves it by now, like these other brats!!!

  • Hmm, nobody's attacked you for being truthful yet. Do allow me:

    "WAAAH! You insensitive a******!!! You can't know what this is like!! Don't judge!! Don't disrespect!! Just don't!!

    ...Hmm. You know what would make my life so much sweeter? Having another baby... You never know real love until you have a precious, sweet child of your own..."

  • I think you just wrote about my life. I feel there is no hope for my 12 year old daughter, and she is mentally damaging her younger sisters. Its pure h*** being around her and I try so hard and all to be treated like garbage. She makes it her life's mission to cause me mental anguish. She hates me and lets it be known. I have no life, no friends, no family to turn to. I litteraly give her no reason to treat me this way. I feel the only way to save my other 2 girls and myself from further torture is to find her somewhere else to live. She has no other parent that can help. I love my daughter but I do not like her and cannot continue living like this another moment. It hurts so much to say and I hate myself for feeling this way. I don't know what to do. I've tried everything and nothing is working.

  • My God, I have a similar situation. My daughter does have pervasive depressive disorder and probably BPD. Mental issues run on my side of the family (my parents being early boomers never talked about it). Had I known, I may not have had children. She by far is the hardest to deal with and she is my oldest. I have delt with her awful language and the most cruel and disgusting things a human can say to another for 10 years (she's 17 now). Been to a slew of therapists, tried medication when she was younger. I'd like her to try again and go back to therapy, but she refuses. Our family suffers because of her behavior and frankly, the first thing on my mind when I wake every day is that I wish I wouldn't.

  • I feel like I don't want to wake up too.

  • Do you ever feel that all past happiness counts for nothing? The memories only cause you more pain? You can’t even have them?

  • I love how I'm even ignored on a forum designed to support other moms. Ever since I've been aware, ) 4 years old) I have been ignored. I must be the invisible person, and my words are even more so. Wtf was I born?

  • I just started reading this today. I went through the worst experiences with my daughter when I was face planted after a four year family court case, lost everything I worked my entire life for to protect a daughter who spent the next 4 years 14-17+when I just gave up and was told by therapists I didn’t have to worry about liability issues because she wasn’t 18 yet due to ALL the history and documentation of me doing everything a mother could do. They said it could prove my mental health could no longer take the abuse. I just wanted a year off.
    She was a wonderful child and happy and innocent and I was a single mother. We worked together for her to be an honor roll student getting taekwondo black belt while I ran a successful small business prior to the court abuse and turned into what I can only guess was trauma triggered personality disorder.

    From 14 out she turned on me like a demon entered her and groups of people were helping her believe she had every reason to do this! Mainly because the one group was a toxic family putting negative horrible stuff in her head and possibly sexually abused her. I’m No longer sure what was true or false anymore.

    I can only read these comments believing the kids are completely out of control and targeted many times from all directions. Social media and just society is torn.

    My daughter is 20 now with a son nearly 2 and I am saving myself now. She can be with those who she relates to that aren’t me. I did my best and I am proud of my efforts. I am so spent I don’t have hope or care she’ll ever remember or care about the truth. She’s rooted herself in zero values and standards lifestyle. Tried of fighting it.
    Just know you are not alone but get any help you can for yourself! (((❤️)))

  • Agree. At some point, they have to go out on their own, make mistakes and figure it out alone. I've completely run out of patience with my 15 yo son, and I'm a very patient person with infinite forgiveness, but I can't take his nonstop abuse anymore. He has all the power in our household, but he's absolutely an evil psychopath who, I believe, needs intense psychiatric treatment in order to ever have a chance at a normal and productive life. Due to his many years and many layers of crafty lies, it would take far too long for a professional to even get to the real issue - it took me 15 years to finally figure him out, and I live with him 24/7. By the time they do figure him out, I'll have probably many (false) criminal charges, job losses, and social service cases because of his lies. All I can do now is let him go and cut myself off emotionally. I truly believe he will be the death of me and possibly his little sister if I continue to let him live with us, so he has to go. I choose my self and my other child over him BECAUSE HE HAS FORCED ME TO MAKE THAT CHOICE. None of us have to feel guilty for saving the victims.

  • It’s funny, I also have come to the stage where I don’t know if I’m wrong or right anymore. It’s anything for a quiet life with my husband so it’s easier to back her up than me. I know I wasn’t this monster she has created to the CPS but they’re not interested in anything I have to say. I feel as tho I’m losing my mind. I feel like just giving in to it all. I am alone in a flat as she won’t have me in the house. Where has my little girl gone? She has shattered my life and wrecked my once very happy marriage. I’m not even allowed to ring him at home. I really just want to die.
    BTW to all you self-righteous cows. We didn’t ask for this. We brought our children into the world and did our best. We are in pain because we loved them and are bewildered at the h*** we’ve found ourselves in. Your smugness adds to the awful hurt we are feeling - our hopelessness, our despair.

  • Are you ok? I only just read this today. You’re not invisible.

  • I really understand the pain that having someone like this in your life can cause. It's so toxic and dysfunctional! It sounds like while the issue with your teen needs some attention, you should also get some help and support for you as an individual (self care). Maybe talk to your doctor for example, about possible solutions to help bolster you, and then you can be stronger for dealing with the dysfunctional dynamic with the teenager. Either way, I get it!

  • "She is selfish, rude, spoilt, ungrateful, hateful, narcisistic, messy, lazy and unkind."

    Gee, I wonder how she got that way.

    "Before she came to be about 8 I did not have arguments with anyone in my life, I'm a total pacifist and hate confrontation."

    Now we know how she got that way.

    You dumb b****. This is what happens when you refuse to discipline your children. Total pacifist? Hate confrontation? What a f****** wimp.

  • What a psycho this person is. Mad at mommy, much?☝🏼

  • “Against stupidity, the Gods themselves battle in vain” ( Schiller ).

  • You didnt have to disrespect someone u dont know like that... like you have all the answers and if you did why didnt you give any instead of talking down on her like her daughter probably were probably that daughter that talked to there mom like that...your what they turn into

  • Harsh words but she's being truthful. She likely doesnt mean it. I'm going through this too. Don't judge before you have walked in our shoes.

  • That is a total BS reply by the way. I'm going through exactly the same thing with mine, and I KNOW I didn't cause it. Some teens just go through it much worse than others. I can tell you it IS h***! Some of us do find a bit of comfort in knowing we aren't alone in this terrible struggle, so why don't you not be such a troll and save your nastiness for Facebook.

    To the OP, omg, I'm going through it too, and I appreciate your post. What a nightmare! I wish I could hear that my son and I will come back together again, because that's what I always thought: that teen years will be bad, but then it gets better again. I honestly don't know if we will ever be close again.

  • Go away. How dare you speak to anyone that way, much less someone you’ve never met? Thank God I don’t have to know you... I don’t anyone as heinous as you. But you must be perfect to hurl such insults, right? Now again, go away.

  • What a a******, you insensitive p.o.s.!
    I have the same thing going on with my teenage daughter, whom has bipolar disorder. Punishment, grounding, taking things away like phone, tv, even her privacy(like her bedroom door) privileges, calling police, having her committed to a psychiatric hospital at least three times in the past 4 years. Therapy, medication..None of it works. She’s abusive mentally and physically, if you defend yourself she turns the tables and calls the police! CPS gets involved, and YOU are the one whom gets in trouble. It’s a nightmare and until you walk in the shoes of a parent who is going through this. You will never understand. So take your superior self-righteous bullshit and shove it!

  • You are 100% right. Dealing with a child with mental issues is so draining and exhausting. It never feels like anything will change in my life. Sometimes I wonder why I am here doing all of this at all. Seems like an endless cycle of sadness crying and abuse. She abuses me by the way

  • I’ve got most if not all of the same events and experiences as a mother of a teen daughter myself. It’s horrifying, exhausting and just plain disturbing behavior these kids are acting out.

    If it helps at all, I was told by a very tenured psychiatrist she could tell I had done the deal right raising her and I just had “make sure she didn’t get her big hairy toe too far over the line for the next h*** years” and she’d revert back to who I once knew and raised.

    The police said about 24-25 they wake up and realize what they’ve done. So time will tell but thought you might want to hear some hope and know you’re not alone!

  • Wow, you are judgmental, self righteous b**** yourself for making such comments to this lady. How about grow the f**** up and offer advise, instead of your ridiculous criticisms. You are not in her shoes, and don't know what she is going through you dumb b*****.

  • You being a pacifist is probably has probably not helped the situation. have you told her all these feelings that you are having about her? i would imagine that would help. even a teenager should feel some kind of shame for being a b****. shame her enough and maybe she'll change a bit. you need to act on this. make a point of talking about it and working on it, every day.

  • You are so right in your thinking, really, but I think for some of us the problem is that we ARE doing these things and it's just not working. It's simply exasperating! When I talk to my son about the impact of his behaviour, he now openly admits he just doesn't care much.

  • You make me realise how lucky and grateful I am, that I chose not to have children.

    Good luck with your daughter

  • Hehe, we parents aren't allowed to speak about how awful it can be (even though we secretly want to) 😉

  • Why are you reading this then? To get off?

  • Absofuckinglutely! It's HILARIOUS when the types of parents who look down their noses at others become overwhelmed by the not-quite-Kodak-Moments!

    Some may call it "karma", but I don't believe in that crap. It's more a matter of dumb people "discovering" what the intelligent people knew was coming all along. It's quite healing to laugh at someone who dismissed you for years. Suck it up and learn to be nicer to those who choose not to breed!

  • I wish I could say the same. Never have kids.

  • You made that mess. You deserve what you got. My kid is a teenage girl, and she's not always a joy to be around but she's a good kid and I love her with every fiber of my being.

  • I would like to ask you this:
    Do you think that when we held our new born daughters in our arms that we didn’t love them with every fibre of our beings? That when we nursed them, changed them, played with them, marvelled at their first tottering steps, dreamed about their futures, watched anxiously at their first day at school that we didn’t love them with every fibre in our beings? Have you the smallest notion how shattered, bewildered and hopeless we are?
    Do you think we wouldn’t give all we have to have your happy situation?

  • I love the self-righteous! What delightful, blissful ignorance!

  • Good for you. Go away and judge your own lousy life, not those of us who are suffering

  • L

    You delicate flowers just can't handle the truth. You even dump on parents who keep it real instead of blindly following along with the rest of you losers. Keep telling yourselves that you "don't deserve this" when, uh, YOU were the ones who just had to have kids.

    We will never stop laughing at you. Just the fact that you expect worship, and scream even louder and act even more immature than your feral brats when you don't get it, is comedy gold!

  • You are unhinged.

  • Totally.

  • Teenage years can be tough, but is something else going on that maybe you don't know about? Drugs? Mental illness? Is she just acting out? Remember you are the parent, not her friend. You are there to hand down the consequences and enforce the punishments. Do not enable the behavior. If she has anything like a car, cell phone whatever that you pay for, take them away until she changes her attitude. This is going to be hard because as you said you're passive and it makes it harder because she's doing more to test you. Is your husband at home or are you divorced? Can you send her to live with him? Does she even mind him? Or even get her into counseling? Sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully, something will shift and you can one day have that mother daughter relationship. Thankfully, the teen years do end at some point. Take time for yourself as well.

  • That's the completely frustrating part- often parents ARE doing what they are supposed to, and it just doesn't work. Take for example kids with ADHD, which is often associated with oppositional and defiant behaviours, particularly during the normally rebellious teen years. Such kids often can't connect consequences with actions because they act completely on impulse. Judgment in exponentially poor.

    It so hard listening to all the feedback you get as the parent like, "well I would TELL him not to do that", or, "well I wouldn't put up with that"; or I even once heard from a well meaning friend "you have to TEACH him to..."

    You think?!?!

    This just doesn't work for all of them, especially if you have a cocktail of conditions at play. I'm doing what I'm supposed to do and it's still pretty awful. The most therapeutic thing for me personally is listening to strangers online say it's h*** for them too. Thanks you guys!

  • Thank you for your wonderful post. It is so true having a child with ADHD and other conditions makes everything 1000 times worse. I just feel like such a failure because I’ve done everything I possibly can think of and more and things are still a nightmare in my house.

  • You are not a failure. What you are going through would break the strongest of us.

  • This mom needs help, if you can't help no need to be rude!
    Dear mom,
    Are you married or single? Has any rape or trauma happend to her as child? They're so many factors that lead her here that you didn't explain or you may not be aware of. I am exactly in the same situation with my 16 year old daughter too. She is all the words that you explained about your daughter too and much more. I am a single immigrant mom. My husband and I divorced when she was 5 and we both moved to another country, then we again moved to USA when she was 9 and half, then my ex husband killed himself when she was 10. All this traveling and traumas including my lack of setting boundaries and rules turned her into a monster now. I gave her too much love and whatever she asked for, just because I was sorry for her and I felt guilty for moving her to different places and her dad's death. So I gave her whatever she wanted instead of teaching her disciplines. I even didn't get married or have boyfriend. I am a dedicated mom and I spent tons of money on her volleyball, piano, private schools and else. After her dad died she asked me to travel to so many places and I did almost 40 different countries all together since she was small till now. I thought I'm pleasing her and she won't feel the pain of not being with her family and her what I get from her is S***, she hits me, and doesn't respect me AT ALL. She talks back and says so many rude words.
    But I am the one who created this MONSTER!
    I have been taking her to therapy since we moved to USA but it never helped until 2 weeks ago I went to therapy myself because she was refusing to go, and the therapist without seeing her base on my worlds has diagnosed her with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

  • You are so h****** yourself. You are a wonderful woman and a superb mother. I can’t tell you how much I admire and respect you. You deserve nothing but love and admiration. My only hope would be that one day your daughter will feel sorry for what she has put you through. Warmest regards.

  • H******???

  • Punishing on, then???

  • And I took her to another therapist for adolescence and she also diagnosed her with the same thing and depression too.
    My point is your daughter may have some kind of disorder that you may not be aware of and make sure see few therapist to find out the result, remember I saw 3 therapist since my daughter was 9 and half and no one find out about her Disorder till 2 weeks ago.

  • Please try to find the cause. It may be chemical imbalance in her brain or just the lack of discipline. Sometimes like my case you can't do it alone and you need a professional help. Do it before it too late please.

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