Dumping my GF

Im 27 and my gf is a year older then me, after dating for 4 years its over she uttered the 3 deadliest words in the male dictionary Breast Reduction surgery her ** are huge at 44DD and she knows i dont like small ** but she never thought i would act on it ive already found a plus size beauty who loves her body and her ** are MUCH Bigger at a ** 48 Double J she's a little bit older then me shes 40 a ** nut & refuses any surgery, yea i know im shallow and not afraid ta say it you can hate on me all you want it doesnt bother me - bigger-is-better

Jun 8, 2014

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  • You have a right to prefer what you like. Glad you've found a lady who is more compatible.

  • I know im an ** you guys have made that very clear i know its her body and not mine thing is after the surgery theres was no physical attraction she couldnt turn me on anymore she tried but wasnt workin so i ended it yea im shalllow and not afraid ta say it there are guys out there who gf's have had thier parts reduced and they secretly hated it and yea she can do better then me good luck to the next guy who likes tiny **, and you women wouldnt like it if your man decided to get is ** size reduced you cant say you wouldnt do the same i know you women consider size to be everything youd dump your man as fast as i dumped her admit it. bigger-is-better

  • Her body is /hers/. It's not for you. She gets to change it however she feels best and you have absolutely no say, even if you are her significant other. If you were a real partner you'd support her even if it wasn't your favorite "look". This is like getting upset at your partner for cutting their hair in a way you don't like. You'd be upset if she felt like she had a say in how you wore your clothes, groomed yourself, got a tattoo or not, etc. If you're seriously going to leave your girlfriend because she's making herself more comfortable in your own body, she deserves WAYYY better than you anyway, and I hope the plus size girl steals your wallet and posts embarassing nudes of you on the internet after you break up.

  • Signed, someone who's getting their DDs surgically removed /completely/ and whose partner fully supports them even though they really like my chest as it is. Please feel free to tell me all about how getting my least favorite part of my body removed is a "terrible idea".

  • Im against removing what god gave'em im not afraid ta tell a woman 'hey ya looked better with big **' getting them removed was a terrible idea i would've stayed if she didnt get the surgery guys like me dont want tennis ** i prefer beach ** and yeah im an ** but i dont let it get ta me...oh well bigger-is-better

  • You're an **. Do you know how heavy ** can be? You can get back problems with large **. I hope someone dares to judge you on your **. And please don't bother explaining how "huge" it is.

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