So naughty last weekend

I'm 44, married 20 years and have never strayed. Last weekend I went to a beach bar with two girl friends. There was a lo t of drinking and I had a blast dancing with my friends and several different guys. It was all innocent until later in the evening when one man, a lot younger than me, asked me if I wanted to walk down to the marina and see his boat. I'm not stupid, and I knew right away that he was a player and probably takes women back to his boat all the time, but I was flattered and a little excited at being found I said sure, but told him I had to be back after a drink.
We walked back to his cabin cruiser making small talk and he poured a glass of wine for each of us. About halfway thru the glass he kissed me and I let him. It felt really good. I got carried away and when I felt him and how ready he was for me I took him right there on a bench inside the back of the boat. I pulled him out and moved my panties aside and told him to take me. When he finished we went back to the dance floor. I felt exhilarated. I don't feel guilty.

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  • So you have crossed the line you are now a married s*** and will cheat again

  • I simply love f****** married women,especially spontaneous ones like you.It turns me on so much and I have done it for over 20 years.I have discovered that its much easier and more fun to f*** a married woman than a single one.I hope you took his number.This is not gonna be the last time for you though.You have opened your p**** up for more future men to pump 2 million sperms in you each time.Did your g/fs know u f***** him?You have been faithful for 20 years, now you can get pampered and pleasured by different men,its good for your p****.

  • Sweetie, no reason for guilt..we're all s**** at'll do it again..and again now:):)

  • Yes she will do it again she is now a married s***

  • I need to meet you if you want more c***? I have a larger d*** and want to share it more often. How do I find more ladies like yourself?

  • Oh you naughty lady, you make me erect reading this. How can I meet you for a bit of fun as well? You sound very hot.

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