Blown away

We had a small boat and had found a secluded cove in the forest, trees all around, far away from anyone, plenty of privacy. it was a hot day and after an hour of hanging out, we decided to skinny dip. the water was great, I felt free, i swam to the shore and walked around in the woods a bit, it was a great feeling. my girlfriend said she was going to lay out on the sun deck and catch some rays. I fished for a while, swam around some more, time went by. I was sitting on the back deck having a bite to eat when aound the point of the cove comes a woman in a kayak, I was so used to being naked at that point it took a few seconds for it to register, she had gotten a great view of my ** as I dived into the water, leaving my girlfriend sound asleep laying there in her birthday suit. I hid behind the boat. off she went. some time later I was floating around with a foam noodle, the wind took it. it was getting away, I swam after it, the wind blew it some more, i was more than halfway across the cove when i realized it was a little farther than I thought, I looked back at the boat and thought the shore was closer, if i could just get to that noodle, so i swam for the shore and caught the noodle, as i stood up, the woman in the kayak was standing there in the bushes, staring at my ** with a big grin on her face, she said, well, what have we here, she grabbed my ear pulling me out of the water. I tried to turn and jump back in the water but she grabbed my noodle,

Jun 20

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  • She grabbed your noodle?

  • Did your noodle grow?

  • Lol, I love when girls see my noodle

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