Hammer time for the wife

We got invited thru some friends of my wife to a casual Dinner at a waterside Lounge, where there was a Art auction to benefit a charity. There was a live band afterwards, with a lot of mingling dancing & drinking. It started out partly sunny that evening and by sunset was about 65* My wife wore a sleeve blouse that had sheer arms and a reverse V in the back with a metal ring that lay around her neck that kept it from falling off, and a black skirt. It was simple but elegant but she decided to go braless, which was ok by me. So we bid on a couple floats w/pelicans, met with some friends we knew etc. When I was talking to some guys I knew, I saw my wife attracted a new admirer. They were sitting over by the fireplace, as I watched her talking to him, her legs were crossed, she was sipping on her wine and definitely flirting with this guy. I was going to go right over but I waited & watched, a few minutes later he said something to her and he stood up, he helped her up. They walked over to the other side of the Lounge by the water as he was holding her hand, and stopped by an area over looking the slips as he was pointing and talking about something as she was agreeing shaking her head and playing with her hair looking at him. I knew she was definitely h**** at this point, so I walked over and said hey babe there you are, and kissed her, and said, Hi to her new friend, I'm so & so her husband what's up? She said honey this is, Drew, he's one of the co sponsors for the event, he was just pointing to his sailboat. I said, awesome how big is it, He said you guys like to come aboard and check it out. She said, yea we would, I've never been on a large sailing boat before except in the Keys. So we headed outside, before she walked to his boat, he told her she should remove her high heels so they don't get caught between boards on the dock, so I helped steady her while he helped remove her heels. It was now cooler outside, the dock lights are on a little breeze. He stopped by his dock box hit a switch to light up the deck and boarding area, and helped my wife aboard as she was a little unsteady from the wine she had, and standing on the boat which she said was cool and damp, and her stocking feet were now wet and feeling a little cold. We helped her towards the Cabin, he went below first, and he helped down the steps inside. Getting in for her she had to face the steps and climb down one step at a time, and with Drew standing below looking up at her gorgeous ass, it probably was awesome checking out a woman's butt you just moments ago met casually. So we got in and settled, my wife asked to use the bathroom, so Drew showed her how it worked, and asked us what we wanted to drink and he and I engaged in small talk about his boat. A few minutes later my wife came out, and said, I hope you don't mind Drew, but I took off my hosiery cause its too damp & my feet are kinda cold, he said no problem, would you want a pair of socks? She said maybe just a blanket I can put over my feet. He said ok as he handed her a glass of wine and got her a small blanket. We talked about him sailing the boat and the work he's done. My wife was sitting between us with her back against me with legs bent, and the blanket cover over her feet. I know my wife doesn't wear anything under her skirts except her stockings. She's completely shaven & gorgeous. After about 45 minutes, she extended one leg across his lap and was completely at ease. I decided to give them a brief interlude alone, so I said do you mind if I run out to my truck and make a couple calls I need to before the morning? He said no, she'll be safe here, I said ok, I said I'll be back in a few babe, and stood you, she extended her other leg onto Drew's lap, and I placed some pillows behind her, and the blanket fell to the floor, and I said you want me to cover you're feet up baby, she said, no I'm warm enough now as Drew placed his left hand along her leg. I said You should allow the Capt. to show you the rest of his boat, so up I went and I slid the Cabin door closed. I knew she was h**** and Ol Capt. Drew was ready and just waiting for the right time to take her. I left them for about 20 minutes, I returned in the Cabin the lights on dim, music playing softly, her black sheer sleeve blouse on the table, a pocket door was partly closed, I could faintly, see Drew _ucking my wife from behind, he was cupping her b****** and she was moaning, saying Oh Oh Oh _uck me _uck me harder yes like that don't stop! Out of the corner of his eye Drew saw me, as I motioned to him, I slid in his place, and rapidly started pumping my _ock in & out of her hot _ussy. She kept moaning..O O O O O O! Neither of us came yet, she on the other hand had multiple o******. Anyway we _ucked her all nite long, even after a brief break & some more wine! By now She got _ucked laying on the table, on the stairs leading out of the cabin, in the shower in the Capt. Quarters. She was insatiable! There was no drama, everyone was good, and we haven't seen Capt. since. At least that's what I know! If ya got a h**** wife, tell them to wear something sexy and pay the Capt. a visit.

Oct 6, 2020

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