So I got fired Monday.

So I got fired Monday because I made a simple typo on my punch in. Which was 6:15 but typed 6:05 instead by accident. So my manager fired me because he felt like I was trying to steal companies money. Yeah.... 10 minutes of company money.. He had a smirk on his face the whole entire time during the conversation. I literally wanted to shatter his skull in. Never in my life have I felt like ending someone's life. But Monday really pushed me. I wanted him to suffer badly. I've been at the company for nearly 5 years. Making well over the production quota throughout the years and one simple mistake I'm fired. My anger still hasn't went away. If I saw him on the streets I'm sure I would stomp his face in. I really couldn't care less about the charges. But karma will get him back eventually.

So now I'm stuck in a boat with a $600.00 a month car payment that I cannot afford not since I've lost my job. I'm sorta lost, and I don't know what to do anymore. All I'm doing is praying and hoping things will eventually get better. If not I will have to surrender my car over and probably file bankruptcy. But it's life... S*** happens. I'm young and I made the mistake of going out and buying a new car. Lesson learned.

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  • Forget the lesson learned. Start immediately searching for a new job. Forget what happened at your last one and always speak positively about the people there and the boss who fired you. No one wants anyone else's problem so be smart and stay positive. There are many suggested articles on line about how to get a new position after being fired. Take care, keep your chin up and things will soon improve. Be well.

  • Next time try not to stay at a job so long where you're unappreciated. People are moving on in jobs now after 2 - 3 years. Try to work on getting rid of your anger or it could keep you from getting hired right away elsewhere. Google ways to get past being fired. You will eventually get a new job but don't bring your anger from the last job into an interview situation. Your last boss will get his one day too. Last thing, when you start working again establish an emergency fund (10 - 12 months earnings) so that you will not have to suffer if ever a job ends in the future. Good luck to you my friend!

  • Take some deep breaths. Sometimes things happen for a reason. So it feels really crappy to be terminated for such a small infraction, but better things could be coming to you. Your boss, as s***** and unfair as it sounds is doing his job. Because although you know you don't lie on your time card, there are others who do. But dealing with the here and now. It may be in your best interest to write a note to HR explaining your side of the situation. Because then that stays in your file. That it was an honest mistake, that you have always worked your scheduled hours. That you have been a good employee for over 5 years with no write ups. Write down any and all instances in which you feel your supervisor had it in for you. And you have to just accept that some companies are really stingy about that time clock thing. I'm very surprised that they let you go for that. It should have been a write up at the very least. In any case, you could still be eligible for unemployment. You can call them and file to see what will happen. At the most you can get per month is $950, I think. In any case, get your resume updated and begin to network. Sign up for temp agencies in the area. As for your car, $600 is a pretty big car payment for anyone.. is this a lease? or do you own it? You may want to consider selling it or turning it in. You may be able to talk to the financing department about the monthly fee to see if it can be reduced until you can find another job. And you are right, it is life and s*** does happen. Good luck.

  • Tell the labor board what you told us.

  • Go to the labor board. Tell them what you told us but don't tell them how mad you are. If what you say is true then you can get the company in big trouble.

  • Tell the state unemployment and labor board what you are telling us. Contest the termination. I'd also consider getting a lawyer.

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