I killed my little brother, and my

I killed my little brother, and my parents think it was an accident while he was alone.

They'll never know it was me who put the blanket over his head for laughs.

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  • If this is true, it is seriously messed up. You will be attending H*** in the afterlife! How is that for laughs???

  • thank you above commentor

  • the confessioner is a stupid gay ass mother f***** for even joking around about this

  • Lol

  • to the above commentor i thank you,and in every comment i ever left i always say somthing so,your f****** right you m*********** and i thank you a s*** alot
    ***be real b*********

  • He has a right to make his comment just like everybody else. If you don't like them don't read them. And there's no law that says you have to be nice to the person making the confession. If you make a confession on this site then you should expect both the good and the bad. If you can't take being cursed out on the internet then you really are all those thing BRB calls you. So the solution is simple if you don't like the comment don't read it. Besides you have to admit BRB is very entertaining.

  • F*** off!! Stop f****** having a f***** go at f*** be real b******! He's awesome, and no this isn't him posting this f***** comment! Get stuffed you stupid skanky w**** bags, s**** mother f******!

  • too bad b****
    ***be real b*********

  • f*** you
    ***be real b*********

  • The comment above should be delete immediately!!!!
    This person have no manner and no consideration toward the person who is making the confession!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha...yea right you f****** dumbass peace of s*** you didnt do s*** your just a f****** dumbass c********* who stays up at night jerking off to asian p*** and say s*** like that to get attention you f****** c*********
    ***be real b*********

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