I am going through my parents divorce and i thought this will happen years ago and when i heard its really happening i was actually happy... but that lasted for one day. Everything is so different now, i have to chose my words when i with a sertaint parent. And i hate that, i hate how my parents can even talk to each other, i hate the fact that they are trying to take me away from each other. I mean I do not mean to sound selfish but you should care about your child an what she is feeling. And what hurts me the most my "best friend" cared about me for like 2 weeks cuz of the drama around it. Now we bearly see each other. She has other friends. Without problems. I don not blame her, I know that she is like that always searhing for happines, but I can not give it to her this time. It is the other way around. And I hate that I care this much, because i knew in my heart that it was like this for years and i did not do anything about it. And probably never will. I just wanna know if she cares at all, i look back at all the time we spent with each other and all the laughs we shared. I can not give her that anymore. And I hate myself for not being able to make her happy.But I am broken and i have known that for a while now and she can not fix me and both of us know it. But she is too nice to say it in my face.

Sep 4, 2020

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  • I am so sorry that ur dealing with this. i am actually going through the exact same thing. hang in there

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