I need to vent

I AM AN UGLY PERSON. MY WHOLE BODY IS COVERED IN A THICK DARK LAYER OF F****** HAIR. MY SKIN IS F****** DISGUSTING, COVERED IN BRUISES AND IT IS DARK. MY FEET LOOK LIKE DONALD DUCKS FEET. I LOOK LIKE A F****** WOOKIE. MY FEET ARE A SIZE 11 IN WOMENS. I 5'10 AND I AM F****** FAT. MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE AN UNTAMED ANIMAL. AND I HAVE A NOSE THE SIZE OF A POTATO. I AM F****** UGLY. BUT F*** ALL OF YOU PEOPLE. I WILL DIE ALONE, SO F*** EVERYTHING ANYWAYS. i am the ugly girl inside and out who will never receive love. so i'll continue to do good in school, save the lives of strangers when i become and doctor. I will watch everyone live a happy life. I will go to church regularly, as i have been doing. I will try to be satisfied with life even though i know i wont. Because there is this horrible punishment i am going to deal with the rest of my life. because i will never be good enough. i'll smile like i regularly do, i'll laugh and congratulate people on their happiness, but at the end of the day i know i will be sad and lonely. I'll always long for that special someone, like a stupid girl i'll dream. and except my punishment for being an ugly person. God made me this way so i'll suffer for all the bad things i have done. I'll continuing suffering everyday as i await my death. I hope i don't live long either. I feel bad for the people who have to deal with me. why was i brought to this earth? why the useless me was allowed to live instead of people who actually enjoy life?

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  • You need to stop thinking this, let some guy give you a good hard f******, over and over. just let him hammer that sweet p**** of yours. I bet you feel better.

  • Stop typing comments with your d*** in your hand, all of us can hear it and it's gross.

  • I'm glad people have chimed in to say that they have had the same feelings and still wound up living a happy life and finding love. I think there are a lot of people who, at some point in their lives, thinks that they'll never find anyone and they are all proven wrong.
    I doubt that you are as unattractive as you described but, even if you are being completely accurate, there are many people who look beyond appearances. I'm sorry you feel so badly about yourself though. Try to focus on what's good about you.

  • The amount of self hatred in this post breaks my heart. Seriously, you'll live a longer happier life if you don't give a s*** about how you look. This is different than keeping yourself clean and groomed, I'm talking about not giving a rat's ass about the way your body is naturally formed. Because trust me, no one around you gives a s*** except possibly some catty ass b****** whose opinion doesn't matter anyway.

  • I feel like I could have wrote a lot of what you wrote myself. Except I'm a man (well at least somewhat). I'm probably wouldn't consider myself ugly but there are a lot of other things wrong with me. I have a medical condition which has made me short, chubby and my body very child like. I have a micropenis. Basically an infant sized p****. What woman would ever want me, right? But even I found a few women who looked past the outside and accepted me. I wish I could find more. I'm so tired of being alone. On the outside I'm happy and content and wish all my friends the best as they move on with their lives, get married, have children. Something I wish with all my heart I could have myself. I can't have children of my own. I don't even have the love I wish I could have from anyone.

    My point is that you're not alone. Just because your body is a little different doesn't make you ugly. Beauty is all relative. If you think of yourself as beautiful and love yourself as you are than you are beautiful. Everyone is different. Everyone, if they are a truly good person, deserves to be loved and respected. You have to start with yourself.

  • Children are seriously f****** overrated, I promise. You'll live a happier life without them as long as you get over your thinking that you want something you can't have. They take over and wreck your life, you never want it! The parents who tell you "it's all worth it" are desperate sons of b****** lying to themselves to ignore the shithole their lives became. Don't feel "left out" feel like you were the only one blessed with the freedom to take your life wherever you want it to go, without the ball and chain that comes with being in charge of a small, rude, extremely self-centered underdeveloped "cute" human.

  • OMG it's like reading something I wrote in the past. I graduated high school at almost 400 pounds. I'm 6'6" and have more hair on my back than my head. I thought no one would ever love me. I accepted my forever alone fate, and put my energies into school and work.

    And guess what - I found someone when I was 22, and by then I was done with college and had a kickass job. So not I am rich, happily married, and have beautiful children. It all works out in the end sweetie. Just be patient.

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