Sister In law

I want to f*** my sister in law. Doing so would ruin my life. I would settle with seeing her naked just so I could m********* to that memory. She dresses sexy at times and I've seen her walk around with out a bra. Once she feel asleep with a dress on and I saw that she was wearing a thong. I also creep her FB bikini pics and sniffed her used panties. All this I think of when I j*******. Sometimes I think of her when I'm f****** my wife.

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  • I'd love to have my sister-in-law f***** by black men.

  • Amen brother!

  • Just Go Ahead And F*** Her. Just b careful, ur wife moqht fond out about it.

  • OP HERE -- wish I could but I don't think she's interested. Although I think it secretly flatters her when men in general -- which includes me -- look at her in a sexual manner. I think it validates her ego in some way. She's seen me glance at her cleavage and p**** mound (when she wears tights) yet she continues to prance around wearing them.

    The best is when she walks around without a bra or in short-shorts.

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