I just need help

I've always felt unwanted by everyone. My parents wanted a second son, not a daughter. I've always been excluded from most things, and the only reason people talked to me in school was because I was the smart girl and they needed help. I've never dated because no one wants me, and lets face it I wouldn't want me either. I am bisexual but I can't come out to anyone. My family is very religious and would disown me. I've been very depressed because 1 my family really doesn't like me and 2 my best friend committed suicide. If anyone takes the time to read this I am eternally grateful to you

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  • Hey sweet one,

    read your thoughts and felt a connection there, because I feel as though I walk alone to . My parents abused me when young . Friends were minimal and dates were none , so I learned to walk alone, depending on myself and not worry about who did or did not like me. I had to find comfort in myself to some degree . I found some strength in my inner being , though loneliness would creep in . I would find things that interested me t o fill the void as well as the enjoyment of these. Be strong my sweet and turn your attention on who you really are deep inside that no one else sees except those that have the special sight into your soul and all the capacity within you that you posses . You can be more than you think , so do not think a little things , but focus you tallents on the things you know and love the most. Even you can help others in need as your self and know the problems others face. o do not think little of yourself. You have learned more understanding than many others

  • How old are you now?

  • I just turned 22 june first

  • Hello,
    In terms of feeling unwanted, I can totally relate to you. About 4 years ago I moved to a new state, new school, and a new home. When I went to my old town to visit each weekend, it seemed that the best friends I had left there were happily satisfied without me and I was naturally shy and quiet and couldn't make and friends in my new place either. Other than the love from my mom, I felt unwanted, lonely, and started to question myself. I felt something was wrong with me. I became depressed and my OCD acted up, giving me terrible thoughts about myself and those around me. To be honest, not everyone is going to love you. BUT not everyone HAS TO love you. You will find people who come and go. I'm praying for you!! I hope all works out. I am very sorry about your best friend.... Things will get better! Keep that hope in your heart. Whoever you are, I love you... But most importantly, God loves you :-) Chin up!! You're fantastic !

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