An older man

So I have had this fantasy for a while of being with an older man . I'm 16 but still a virgin so I've never actually done it for reals but I'm still super turned on by older men and I cant really tell anyone about it. But now I have a man in my life I think maybe wants me. He's the brother of my father's girlfriend he's about 35 and we've met a few times and I think he likes to look at me. Now last week he 'babysat' me and my little brothers, I would have been mad for dad getting a babysitter if wasnt him. I was laying against him on the couch when we were watching a movie and that felt so nice and I think he liked it too because I could see his bulge get a bit bigger. Now how do I make sure he likes me because he will babysit us again next week.

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  • He definately was you. There may be legal problems depending where you live, but if you make the first move and make it direct, he will f*** you all night, and do things to you that you have never felt. It will be a wonderful experience for you.

  • You don't need to 'make sure' he likes you. Assuming 16 is legal age where you are, next time just put your hands down his pants and he won't say a thing.

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