Best friends sister

I was helping my best friends sister move out. Whe had to take multiple trips. I was rushing a box cuz it was breaking, as soon as i put it down, the box ripped open. Inside that box, loads of s** thigs fell out. I mean LOADS! I was the only one there so i put them all back and went down to the bastn bathroom. There wasnt a lock yet but i was sure they werent coming down here. By myself i went through her stuff. I took pictures and i count, 3 huge dildoes. Like 12" ones. 2 rabbit vibrators, a glass d****, a b******* set, a furry fox tail b*******, magic wand, a*** beads, lube, bdsm kit, gag ball, paddle, furry cuffs, masks, vibrating panties, and the best of all, nude pics of her. I later retirned the box to her saying it was broken. She got all red faced and asked if i saw inside, i said no and she just said that it was her embarrasing baby photos

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  • I worked for a Airline eons ago. I hauled Baggage to and from The Aircraft to the Terminal. One Day we were loading the Baggage on the Cart to take out to the Aircraft and this Small carryon size Bag was Buzzing! After 9/11 there was no way that was going on the Plane! We called Airport Security and the Name was on the Bag. They had to go upstairs to The Gate and bring the Lady down to verify it was hers. She started to cry when Security brought the Bag that was still Buzzing. Inside was this HUGE vibrating D****. I wish I had a Camera that day to take a Picture of everyone's Expression. Talk about being "Priceless!"

  • That's funny !

  • You dont seem new to this stuff yourself since you can describe them so well.

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