Im an australian and what p***** me of

Im an australian and what p***** me of is all those fukin new zealanders over here and thinking they can b racist to us! F*** those ass holes they can go home to they're fukin sheep! They're a bunch of fukin homos who can go get stuffed! Dam f*** wit, cocksuckers!

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  • Sounds like you have a bit of pent up hate and aggression yourself huh?

  • Lol hahaha dianne dnt put ur number on the site,

  • Oh the irony.

  • How about no! Porker!! Big fatty!! I don't care what you said, and to tell you the truth I didn't even read it all! Hahaha suck on that you dum f***!! And ur telling me to grow up, how about you do that and take a break from ur rags!! Go f*** ur mum while suckin ur dads c***! They'll like it, fukin c*** sucker, sasquash! Go kill yourself, you'd be doing us all a really big favour f*** bag! ***bonnie&clyde***

  • omg you are the most moronic person ive ever talked to did you listen to anything thing i said? You are such a dumbass hipocrate your telling me to grow up and you act like your 4.
    Like i said dont even dare to say s*** about other ppl when your not in that situation and you say that you can't say that about me since you don't live here do you understand it's like talking to a 4 year old, you dumb f***. im gonna do the same thing to you what you do to other ppl when they actually have real problems and your have some stupid problem im guessing you get dont have anything to complain about but you still do you whiny ass b****, WAAAA!!!ppl have no idea what im going through!!! my life sux!!! Come back when you have something worth complaining about you have no idea what other ppl are going through so suck it up you whiny ass b****. F****** dumbass.

  • F*** off s***, u obviously r a skanky f*** face girl, coz guys don't complian the way u just did! Ur a big fatty, go eat some canned food porker!!! Nobody cares about you! Fatty!!! And how bout you grow up f*** wit, and exactly u proved my point u dnt live here and dnt no what its like, so dnt u dare fukin say s*** to me when you have no fukin idea what its like!! Fukin moron!! ***bonnie&clyde***

  • What the h*** are you talking about i don't live there so i dont know what what's like? ppl are being racist to you? well i would feel sorry for you but your a j****** that is mean to other ppl about their problems and then complain about ur own stupid s*** thats so horrible!!! omg ppl are being mean to you. You're being hipocratic when you say to leave you alone do you leave other ppl alone, no, you just start swearing at them and insulting them. Also what makes you think im a girl? How do you know i don't live in Australia? So until you learn to not just care about yourself you shouldknow that other ppl have problems so grow up.

  • Omg, f*** off and leave me alone! Nobody wants ur crap! Ok, you f*** wit skany w****, all NZ can get f***** u dnt live in australia so u have no fukin rite to say that crap about me, you immature fukin s*** faced c*** w****! Get f*****, ***bonnie&clyde***

  • lol i live in australia and ppl from new zealand make fun of me wow my life sux so much!!! i should go on some confession site and write all this s*** to other ppl because ppl are mean to me and i gotta take it out on other ppl, get a freakin life.

  • Get the f*** out the country coz no 1 gona accept ya, dam f*** wit b****!! I gonna make ur life h***!! Y dnt u all get over us! Coz were all better then u , fukin b**** ***bonnie&clyde***

  • Haha i'm Nz girl moving to Aus, we're taking over!!!!
    But get over the sheep thing already, heard it a million times!! get something new!
    And if anyone is a h*** its you Australians remember!

  • hey i totally agree lol a*******

  • I know!!! I was saying this to my friend yesterday! They all think they own Australia!

  • i will go over there and beat the s*** ouut of all those f***** m************ sheep f******,aslong as u help
    ***be real b*********

  • yeah i hate racist sheep f****** new zealanders. i also hate bigoted homophobic f***** cocksuckers. yeah.

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