Those into Feedism & fattening of your spouse, how did you meet?

I would absolutely love to be into a feedism, or feeder/feedee relationship with a woman who'd fatten me up massively, maybe 500lbs or possibly immobile. But, I've had a difficult time finding potential partners who'd be into this.

So, I pose this question; women who enjoy or even love fattening up your husbands or boyfriends, how did you meet? How did you go about presenting your preference for feeding and fattening a guy up? Do you go for guys already fat/chubby, or skinny guys?

This question is open to everyone, but I'm particularly interested in how women will answer.

Dec 17, 2019

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  • I'm a guy, but I noticed my girl feeding me more once she started gaining -- almost like she felt more comfortable if my belly was keeping up with hers.

  • I hope you freaks give your partners coronary heart attacks

  • Feedtards, bellytards, pantytards... just one winner after another in this place

  • I'm also a guy, but I have the same interests as you and my wife knows and supports it to a point. I introduced her to the whole idea and she has gotten into it too and helped me gain over 100 pounds. She will help me get as fat as I want as long as my health isn't in jeopardy. So, while it may be hard to find someone specifically looking to fatten you up, you may still be able to find someone that loves you and will get into it because it is what you want. It worked for me, but obviously all relationships are different. Good luck!

  • Op here. Thanks for sharing, your experience gives me some hope! I do agree that it would probably be easier to go this route, I hope to find a woman who's actually into it, as I want to have a mutual enjoyment, but I also want to gain quite a lot of weight too.

  • I'm a guy and I like my women skinny. I have controlled my wife's food from before we were married. She is skinny and bony and sometimes feints. F*** I like her and I like the power I have over her.

  • That sounds very toxic...or maybe it's just some weird-as-s*** kink.

  • Congratulations, you still have "power" over your imaginary gf. Your mommy must be so proud of you! Why don't you climb the basement stairs and ask her if she is?

  • He said women you moron!!!
    And it's faints, unless you mean she's into fencing 😂

  • Thank you for the clarification

  • You're welcome. Are you going to learn this time?

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