Am I dumb?

My ex and I are still friends and have been really since the breakup. We have had our ups and downs but have stayed friends through it all. Lately he has been telling me that he does not want me to stop talking to him, but that if he does not respond that I should stop talking to him until he has a chance to say something, and that he does not trust me as much as he used to because I'm too emotional when we have a conversation and he is h*** bent on thinking that there will always be an issue and that I talk about him all the time. He says he wants me to believe that i deserve his friendship and to stop worrying, yet if he does not "trust" me what is there really for me to do? Should I cut my loses and say enough of the tears for making me feel like s*** for having a problem or is it worth it for me to keep trying.

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  • I will make it easy for you ... cut your loss that simple just do it if there is no trust in a friendship then what do you have 0 there is no reason to even chat with your ex and when he gets a g/f she will stop that so you miles well do it now on your terms not by him or his new g/f .

  • You're not dumb at all. If he or the situation is making you cry, then completely move on from this friendship. It's not benefiting you. No friend should ever make you feel like s***. They should support you and be there even when you're emotional. Friendships should definitely have boundaries (keep things even..), but his boundaries are hurtful. Like really..what's the point of being friends? He's obviously not mature enough to handle being friends with an ex. Just move on..Bear in mind, it may be a little difficult because it may feel like "breaking up" all over again. You should try with someone who appreciates your efforts.

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