I have a problem.

I would walk into this park everyday were I live and I would find myself walking into a tree line were I would strip down and expose myself to female women. I would either slap my inner thigh or make sexual noises to get their attention. They would look at me with nothing but disgust and run sometimes they would watch me for a few minutes with disgust and then run. I know I need to stop showing my genitals to these women. I would hide my face behind the tree line so that all they can see is my genital area. I would do different things that would make them look at me with disgust I would fondle myself, shake my p**** at them, or m*********. I want and need to stop any advice?

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  • You'll stop when you are too close to real trouble, not just women who are startled or surprised, then move on.

    Years ago, I had a thing for grabbing or touching women's assess in public places. Malls, stores, flea markets. Mostly got away with it, even, funny as it sounds, met a woman and ended up dating her a few times, but..Until I was caught and let off the hook by security (the woman didn't want to take it further), I had no intention of stopping. The little security incident told me..This has to stop, you're going to get in real trouble, or, beat to a pulp by some angry husband.

  • Not saying its right.
    But most people have a fantasy and a lot do carry out their fantasy so it becomes real.

  • You can control yourself how do I know this because your not doing it in front of the police station now are you ? No your going where you know there are woman and children there . When you have the urge to do it go to the police station and see if you do it there in front of them my guess you won't so that is called control .

  • You need a beating. That will cure your sick f****** ass.

  • Maybe it's u that's needs a beating man. telling that to someone that can't control is problem he just needs therapy and a lot of help not to be beaten down. I should beat u down for just saying something so stupid like that like that. Just seek some help man and u will be fine don't pay any attention to the negative crap that comes out of other stupid peoples months. U know u need help with your personal problem so go seek it.

  • You are very ill. Get some help as soon as possible, please.

  • Its so f****** hard to have remorse for someone who premeditate their actions. He's old enough to know he shouldn't be doing that type of s***, let's be real. There's no telling if their older women or younger women. I stand by what the h*** I said.


  • That doesn't mean you can come on here and tell him or her to go kill themselves. What's wrong with people in this world?

  • Pardon my French but just who the f*** do u think u are telling someone to kill themselves when they have a personal problem that they can't handle. How would u feel if the shoe was on the other foot and someone told u to go kill yourself when u have a personal problem? Let u have a personal problem someday and I will gladly step up and volunteer to tell u to go kill yourself cause what go's around sweetheart comes around. Dude here is my advise to u man it's awesome to see that u know what u are doing is wrong and that u want to do something about it. And it's also awesome that u can admit to your wrong. Here is a good solution bro seek therapy talk to someone get them to help u so u no longer have to go into a park where ever u are at to flash your junk to women.

  • I got an idea, how about you kill yourself. Nobody wants to come to the park to see your dirty d*** ass.

  • Kill youeself? Really? That's all you have to say to someone who has a problem controling themselves? You know, what if this guy actually did kill himself? How would you feel? you would feel f****** terrible wouldn't you? Before you even comment on anything and telling people to go killthemselves, why don't you stop and think and say to yourself, wait, I shouldn't tell this guy to go kill himself because he could end up actually doing it. It doesn't hurt to say something nice or even give someone advice on how to help them with a problem they are having. It takes just one second to tell someone to go kll themselves and they will. Just think before you say anything. Because you can't take that back, no matter how many times you say you will.

  • Heres an easy solution, if you keep showing yourself to random women your gonna become a common problem and your gonna end up arrested and they wont go easy on you so youd better stop if you dont wanna end up someones b****

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