Am I wrong?

Im thinking of divorcing my wife of 13 years beacuse im tired of not having s**. I know most people will think im an ass for this but I work 60 plus hours a week then do about 75% of the house work 100% of the yard work. Im a great and involved father. She gets a new car every couple years. I dont deny her anything that I can provide and all I ask of her is to satisfy me sexually and she acts like im a peice of crap for asking that.

Jun 27, 2014

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  • It kind of sounds like you spoiled her way to much, a new car every couple of years really .. and you didn't get wild s** for that ? That is just cold
    If you do decided to leave this witch make sure you close your credit card and other stuff she sounds like a taker and not a giver and she will take you to the cleaners , get a good lawyer your going to need it , it's going to be nasty I can just see it ! Woman like her are going to drain you one way or another .

  • Marriage is 50 /50 why are you putting up with that she is not doing her part dose she even work or sits on her ass all day ?
    Sounds like she is working you to death so when you die she cashes in win win for her while your doing everything for what ?

  • 13 years is a long time no wonder she don't want s** with you damn that is boring !

  • Divorce is not such a terrible sin. People change over time and develop new needs or lose desires. Why stay locked in a marriage that does not work? I think there is no shame, and better to divorce and seek s** than to get into a good sexual relationship and then divorce because of it.

    Kids can be the main reason to stick together, but a mature divorce where both parents stay involved is not the kiss of death to kids. In some ways it can be healthier than growing up in a house that is love-less, tense or hostile.

    My parents stuck together despite clearly not being happy. They are still together and miserable. There aren't any big prizes for just sticking together. Take steps.

  • I love s** and I give him s** and I can't get enough s**. He doesn't buy me squat. What the h*** am I doing wrong?

  • I've had the same problem for the past several years. My wife just shut down s** wise. Well, her older sister, my sister in law who lives down the street and divorced, started looking better all the time. You guessed it. We started having an affair. Her sister approaches s** far more eagerly than my wife ever did. When we meet, we can't seem to get enough of each other. I suspect my wife knows what's going on, but as long as I don't ask her for it, she is happy to let her sister take over those duties. This is a very weird f*cked up situation, but what am I to do?

  • Have an affair. It's the only way you're going to get good, regular s**. And it's the only way you're going to have any fun.

  • I'm responding from a man's point of view. I'm 48, and I was married for over 25 years to a cold woman, but that wasn't the main reason my marriage ended. I think you should talk with a therapist first before seeking a divorce. It's worth that effort before going through the incredible pain of a divorce.

    And a few things I've learned over the years to keep in mind with your current wife or for any woman you seek.
    Women want to be hunted and earned.
    They want to be chased and pursued.
    She wants to be reminded what a valuable prize she is.
    She wants to know you're thinking of her.. awaken her fantasy.

    "I've been thinking of you. I miss you and just want to wrap my arms around you." (Is that mushy? You bet it is. But women respond to that)

    Women are hardwired to be attracted to a man’s Behavioral Cues. Behaviors that sub-communicate dominance and high social status will pump up her desire to have s** with that man. Women unconsciously pick up on behavioral cues that demonstrate characteristics such as:

    * Confidence
    * Leadership
    * Humor and Playfulness
    * Powerful Vocal Projection
    * Strong Body Language
    * Comfort in his own environment
    * Indifference towards what people think of him
    * Confidence to say what’s on his mind, stand up for himself, and stand out
    * Lives by his own standards, and dictates his own sense of reality based off his beliefs and not others
    * Passion in life, and a willingness to go for what he wants
    * Has concepts of personal boundaries of what he will and will not accept

  • Yes, s** is important in a marriage. In any relationship, for that matter. But there are other things that are too. And as you know, there are lots of highs and lows that you go through. And congrats on 13 years. That's something to acknowledge. So do you think you would be happier being divorced? Only you can truly answer that. Have you seriously spoken to your wife about each others needs? There are always two sides, so it would be interesting to truly know what she's thinking. Do you taker her out for dinner and then seduce her? But if you are doing 100% of the yard work and still 75% of the housework, maybe that's where things start to change. Maybe you have to ask point blank..what needs to happen.

  • Being married for 13 years don't mean jack if he's not happy !
    If anything he's wasted 13 years of this life to a woman who is to lazy to
    be a wife .

  • I hear you on this one. I had that problem, then I quit doing a lot of the housework... she just complained that I never helped with anything and I got even less p****. Can't win. But perhaps try talking to her and see what her issue is?

  • Well at least you had less work to do... The wife an I have s** probably once a month and we've only been married for 7 years. She says she dreads going to bed because she knows I'm going to try... Whats it going to be like in 10 years i wonder... once a year on my birth day?

  • .....sometimes...a b**** just need a beating...........

  • ...sometimes...a ret@rd that says the same dumb thing over and over again just need a beating...

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