I'm in need of advice

Lately I've been getting h****. I'm Lutheran and pretty good at staying along the lines of doing what my religion says is right. I'm not going to have s** any time soon and i don't m*********. Usually I can get the feelings to go away by just ignoring it, but now no matter what they don't go away. I need help.

Jun 29, 2014

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  • U dont need advice u need a good f***

  • U should pour ice cold water over ur p**** when it gets hard r maybe go for advice to a good prostitute

  • I did go to a woman once and she said if i put it between her legs it would b ok it worked for a few hours but thats all

  • You don't need to abandon your faith but you do need to realize that not everything about it is true. Many parts of it were created by men and are a reflection of the times in which they lived. There are many faiths in the world and there's no reason to assume your faith has a monopoly on truth. It's time to start thinking critically about some of the things you were raised to believe.

  • If I had time write a short book for you, I would. I understand your religious background. I was a Christian for over 30 years, and I fathered 5 kids. First, you need to realize that sexual release is a physical need that is in your DNA. And the Bible doesn't say anything about masturbation. But the main thing I want to say is to not let Biblical condemnation destroy you. That happens far too often, and it's sad and unnecessary. See this. http://lifeafter40.net/2014/05/10/biblical-condemnation-religious-trauma/

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