Blackmailing brothers gf

My brother and his girlfriend have been together for a long time, since school and they are now 24 so 8 years or so. I never really thought about f****** her, she's very attractive but he's my brother so it seemed wrong. However about 4 months ago, I should point out we all live together with another house mate, she came in one Friday very drunk crying her eyes out. She explained that she had an argument with my brother, who then left her drunk and in tears in the middle of town so he could go,partying with friends. After consoling her for a while, she had a few more drinks, she started telling how drinking made her so h**** and all she wanted was to be f*****. I told her it wasn't going to happen but she was very drunk and very persistent. She stripped to her underwear and kept forcing herself on me, she unzipped me and starts to suck my d***. I couldn't believe it, I sat back and wondered what I should do, then it came to me she was going to be a bit embarrassed about this tomorrow, she certainly wasn't going to want my brother to know. I couldn't let this opportunity pass, i started to get into it pushing her head right down so she couldn't see me get my phone out and start to record. When she stood up to take her thong off, I immediately moved to get her bent over so I could continue filming her without her knowledge. She told me to c** on her b******, when i did and pulled out the camera to take a final shot of my load dribbling down her hot t***, she screamed so loud and started yelling at me to delete it and that no one could ever see it. I told her that wasn't going to happen, and that we'd talk about it when she had sobered up. The next morning she was in the kitchen making breakfast for my brother, being all nice and apologetic to him about how she had been wrong and just really loved him, I think part of it was for him and part for me to hear. I could only really think f*** you s***, being all nice to my brother like nothing happened and kissing him with the mouth that was sucking my c*** a few hours before. So when we were alone I told her what it would take for me to keep quiet, her little face when she realised she was being blackmailed and was totally screwed. Priceless.

Now I work nights, my brother and our house mate work days, and she is a student and has two days a week at home. So this gives me two days where I can basically make her do what I want, it's been great I've explored a lot of sexual fantasies with her, as she is not in a position to say no, I can make her do as I please. The highlight so far has been taking her a*** virginity, she was crying whilst I entered, I think she expected me to take it easy but I made sure she knew she was gettin f***** in the ass. Deepthroat, r******, A2M, I've forced her to perform every sordid act I could think of, I even had a go at tea bagging her. Last week I made her jack me off and collect all my c** in the gusset of her thong, I watched as she put them on and I gave her a little hand to make sure all my c** was nicely rubbed over her p****.

However it's got to the point now where my brother knows something's up, she will basically totally ignore me whenever he's around and just gives me evils. So I am looking to give her a way out, before my brother twigs because then it's bad for both of us. I've had most of my fun now anyway, just one last thing to do, I haven't told her yet but I'm going to tell her that the only option to stop all this, the only way to get the video deleted is to have my baby. I am never going to have a wife and kids, so this could be my only shot at a child, no one would ever be able to tell even a DNA test wouldn't prove anything as my brother and I have the same. I would be near the kid so could at least have some impact on its life, and I know it would be fine with my brother raising it.

So that's where we are at, hopefully the dumb b**** will feel forced to say yes and I'll be a daddy in 9 months. To be honest tho even if I tell her I've deleted it and she has my kid, I might wait a few years then blackmail her all over again. Just a warning to dem hoes, don't ever f*** your boyfriends brother it might just get you in a little more trouble than expected.

Jun 30, 2014

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  • Your dna will be similar to your brother's, but not totally the same,
    so if I was you, I would not go there.
    if your brother and his girlfriend have another row, she may well tell him everything, so watch your step.

  • Hopefully she'll sack off the baby idea and tell your bro whats been happening... and then watch as he beats the living sh*t outta ya!

  • You are a total piece of s***. That poor girl. You do know that you are raping your brothers girl right? Delete the videos, apologize, and go hang yourself. There's no need for you at all. Ever.

  • I have mix feeling about this ...
    1 - If the g/f was smart she would of dump your brother for leaving her while he went to party .
    2 - You took advantage on a drunk girl taking videos really - are there no nice guys anymore to protect a woman ?
    3 - If I was that g/f and you said I had to have s** or you show video I would of said see ya to both of u .
    I blame the girl for bring dumb and u for taking advantage of the dumb girl you must feel so proud of yourself but that is ok cause God will take care of you he talk about how he dislikes people who take advantage on others . So have fun now and pay the price later .

  • You realise this is rape right? Multiple counts too.

  • U r the biggest low life c*** how could u do that she might deserve it ur brother doesn't grow up

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