My Best Friend Touched Me

I am 36 years old, the mother of 2 kids, happily married for 14 years. I have lived a pretty boring life. Up until last weekend.

We were going to the beach with our friends and their family. "Sally" (not her real name) came over early to help me with getting food ready. Everyone else in the house was still asleep. I was simply wearing a bulky t-shirt as I was going to take a quick shower before changing to go.

As we made sandwiches, a 5 layer dip, and a couple of salads, fruit, potato, and vegetable, I was working on desert when a glob of batter fell on the front of my shirt. My friend, without missing a beat, ran her finger up over the batter to remove it from my shirt. At which point she said, "those felt nice" and with the hand not smeared with batter cupped my breast, gave it a squeeze and then pinched my nipple.

All of this was through my shirt and she went on like nothing happened. I was too shocked to talk about it and now way too embarrassed to bring it up.

I haven't thought of anything else in almost a week and there is no one I can tell about it.

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  • Wow hot you need to ask her well did you really like my t*** and if she says yes pull your shirt up over your t*** and say taste of them ,,, or invite me over I love t***

  • My husband wants my friend to join us and I say no. Now I read this and get aroused so maybe I shall tell her?

  • I think she really digs you,,she made the first move , now its up to you to let her know how you really feel,,have you ever fantasized about other women,?,,you never know until you try, s** with another woman can be the most beautiful experience ever, if I were you, I would bring it up with her and see how she feels about you and her going to next level,,

  • Give her a good p**** licking then have your husband bang her while you cheer him on

  • I would of touched her back too

  • Personally I'm thinking your making a big deal out of nothing ..
    If she is your best friend then why don't u ask her , say hey u know the
    time u came over .. well what was up with the breast touching u never
    did that be for , fought me off guard . See what she says .. but i think your making more out of it then what it is , if she kissed you ton the lips then
    that is a whole nether story .

  • You have a lot to think about. Your friend maybe trying to open a new door in your relationship or was just being playful.

    Decide how you feel about it and if you then need to discuss it, talk to her. if you pursue this you also have to think about how this could affect your husband and your family. They are definitely part of the decision especially if you do not have an open marriage or strong religious beliefs against it.

    At the same time there is nothing wrong with a healthy fantasy life. If the two of you are that close then it is not surprising to have some physical attraction too.

  • I say AWESOME! If my wife's friend did that kick-ass, just tell me the details!

  • And did u like it?

  • I want to know this as well

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