Friends mom

Soooo...Last night my friends mom came onto me and felt me up, I am female also and had stayed at my friends place last night, I heard noises and got out of bed, Went to the kitchen and it was her mom coming home from a night out, She stopped and looked at me, Smiled and bit her lip, She said hi and I said hi, She asked what I was doing up and I told her I couldn't sleep, She was obviously slightly intoxicated and I was standing there in just my t-shirt and shorts, She looked around and walked up to me, She said some stuff and I said some stuff and she cupped my breast, I said some stuff and she said some stuff and she slid her hand under my shirt, I was like (Oh shiiit) and then she pulled up her shirt and puled my head toward her b***, I didn't know what to do so I started sucking on her nipple and she licked her fingers and stuck her hand in my shorts, She spread my lips with two fingers and slid one finger in me and then there was a noise.
She quickly fixed her shirt and I fixed mine as I stood there in shock, My friends mom whispered "F***, I am so sorry" and stumbled off to bed, I went back to bed and now I am confused, What just happened, Did that really happen, Is my friends mom a l**** or Bi or what and why did I like it so much....Damnit.

Sep 7, 2019

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  • My friends parents both tried to talk me into a three way one night, I was staying with them after moving out of my parents house and she was at her boyfriends, Her mom had her hand up my shirt holding my b*** and kissing me, Her dad had one hand down the front of my shorts and one down the back rubbing my butt hole and my c*** at the same time.
    I freaked and weasled my way out of it then moved out the next day.

  • I was only a kid when would sit on my my auntie's lap she would put her hand in my knickers and touch my p****, it just went on from there and I am 13 now and we still do stuff together, I was never forced and I enjoy it so I see nothing wrong

  • Pretty f****** hot, I wish i could see that. I think you might be Bi or a Lesbian.

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