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Who knows how many posts I have posted here so far... everytime I feel miserable I come here, I write my thoughts and I get better. Sometimes I feel like the possibility to say how I feel even anonymously, here, is what keeps me going.

So here it is.
I feel weird. Last week I was at a conference where I met three guys from my past. All three of them were someone important to me back in the days. Now they're all married with their own lives...
and I... I am still single and gorgeous 26 yrs old.

SO there I was, at the conference, having the most normal coffee with my ex big love. We talk about life, science, plans, politics... all good.
Then my second big love, then the third one. All in one week. I managed to stay friends with all three of them...
Its good, this is good, life is good.
But what do I do now? I have no one in my life.

Jun 30, 2014

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  • Don't concentrate on what you don't have and concentrate on all the wonderful things and people who are currently in your life. When the timing is right, the right guy will come into your life. Remember you don't want to get married to get married. You want to create a life with someone who is there for the long haul. It's actually very interesting that you ran into these three guys all in the course of a week. If you believe in having the universe tell you things and bring you things...that sounds more than coincidence. But regardless of what is on the way to you. So, get out there and make yourself available. Join dating sites and say yes to any invitation you get..you never know.

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