Flashing gone further

My husband and I have a similar outlook on life and s**. It has lead to us over the last few months enjoying a shared sexual experience. During our shared train journey to and from work he's had me travel braless and pantiless. As he sits away from me, It's enabled him to witness the reation of men and some women. As I open my my legs to reveal my shaven p**** and engorged labias, or as I purposely drop items, as they oggle my pert large nippled b******. It always leads to fantastic s** when we get home and up until last month that's all happened. My husband fell ill and I had over a period of two weeks to travel alone. At first I refrained from my teasing exploits, then seeing a particularly good lookng guy returning home from work on the train, I took the chance by visiting the bathroom to remove my panties and bra. Sitting oposite him and raising my already short skirt, I slowly opened my legs and watched his reation. He couldn't stop staring at my wet gaping p**** and by the time most of the other pasengers had gotten off, he'd developed a large bulge in his trousers. Feeling vary naughty I leaned over showing him my enlarged erect nipples and asked him if I could help him out. He feined ignorance at first until I put my hand on his c*** bulge. When it was time for him to get off, I had a mouthful of his s**** ready to swallow and his c*** was slowly becoming flaccid again. A guy walked past half way through, but just got off as the trian pulled into a small empty station. The following week he was on the train again, but it was too busy to give him a b******* and the week after that, my husband was back at work. I wanted to tell him what i've done as we've once again started our sexual fun , but I don't know if he'd welcome me sucking off another guy, but who knows he just might.

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  • HE WON'T

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