My brother

My brorher is 18 and drinks energy drinks. I know they aren't good for you, and they can sometimes kill you. I don't want my brother to die, so I 'm afraid to let him go away to college this year. I have another confession. I don't feel safe without my brother. I am so insecure and afraid without him. I love him so much, and that's part of the reason I don't want him to die. I would be devastated, and would feel so insecure, I probably wouldn't speak to the people I really care about. How can I tell him this.

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  • Tell him to love

  • I think you need to just sit him down and tell him. I'd leave out the parts about your being insecure, but focus on how much you love him and want him to be safe and healthy. Energy drink stories come up in the news all the time, so the next time you hear one, use that as the excuse. Tell him you heard about yet another kid going to the hospital from abusing energy drinks and you want him to be safe.

    Good luck and I'll be thinking about you. A good friend of mine guzzles them too and I'm worried about her.

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