I love her

I have strong feelings for my best friend. In fact, I love her more than just a friend. We have come together at a very pivotal time and have been their for eachother through a very tough time in our lives day in and day out. We have both been sick and Ill, in the ER, etc etc. She loves my mom and my mom loves her, and my mom (a nutritionist) is always reaching out to her to help alleviate her health issues. We have uplifted and empowered eachother, and exchanged excellent pearls of wisdom. I only knew her for a short time, but she has been there for me and supported me 100 times greater than my Ex-GF of 3 years who left me face down ass-up. She has the qualities and attributes that I look for in a future wife, and she says the same thing about me. Me and her are almost exactly alike and have the same goals, wants and needs in life. We talk about literally everything under the sun.

But the problem?

She has a boyfriend. However, she's not at all happy with the relationship due to the fact that this guy treats her horrible and disrespects her. And the last thing she needs is to be with someone like that while she is constantly fighting for her life. She confessed to me something very shocking last night (another subject matter), and wanted me to do the same. It's almost like she sensed something. But I could not get the words out...I just went blank. I was scared, but all I can say is that time will tell. It's one of those things where the confession will tell on itself to her in time....but not matter how unhappy she is, I will never disrespect her relationship by coming on too strong and creating a stir-up of subtle chaos. She STILL HAS a boyfriend. But I feel deep down inside my soul that she secretly likes me also. The clues are extremely apparent. I just know it. But time will tell..............time will tell.................. I love you 'K'

Jul 5, 2014

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