Tough "broad"

Gotta stop overindulging before going to sleep. I'm a white guy, 27, and I had this totally weird DREAM. Lotsa guys dream about s** with female celebrities. Sometimes kinky s**. This was beyond kinky. I was on a date with Serena Williams. Cool. Thing is, I was dressed like a slutty chick, and I looked hot. We had a great time, tho it's weird that I was digging being in drag. Serena was very assertive, and we went to her place. She made me massage and kiss her feet. We made out, hot kissing and groping. Wow, I was on the verge of hot s** with Serena, so I would deal with being dressed like a chick.

Then she cuffed my hands behind me. She being 3 inches taller, 20 lbs heavier and way stronger than me made it easy for her to overpower me. She pulled off my skirt, ripped off my panties and put me in a chastity device. She started to get undressed, and I strained to get to her t*** which were just out of my reach. She caressed me and said I was going to service her 'p****". My restrained c*** was trying to get hard, and I was ready to bury my face in her m***.

But, since this was a dream, when Serena pulled off her panties, she revealed a 10 inch c***!! She said "Suck it, you girly b****!!", and being trapped, I did. I was choking on it trying to take it in my throat. I had to lick her b**** and shaft. I was humiliated but never more turned on. When she grabbed the back of my head, I knew-- She shot a tremendous load in my mouth and ordered me to swallow all of it!! Like an obedient b****, I did.

Then she threw me on the bed on my back, gagged me with her panties, lifted my legs, and f***** me silly. OMG it hurt SO GOOD! Then she removed my chastity device, and gave me a hand job that lasted less than a minute... and made me lick up my j** from her hands. She uncuffed me and we cuddled, and I started begging her to let me her girl-toy. I was on my knees begging, kissing her feet, telling her I needed her c***. She said on 2 conditions.... Lose my GF and all my mens clothes.... Then I woke up, on the verge of coming. OMG I hope I have this dream OFTEN!

Jul 7, 2014

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  • I dream about Aisha Tyler or Rihanna having huge d**** and having s** with them.....

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