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My father in law admitted two weeks ago to having fantasised about f****** me. It was at a party and he was pretty drunk, so I put it down to alcohol. The next day he phoned to say sorry, but then confessed to always wanting to have s** with me since we first met. I once caught him walking out of his bathroom naked, so I know he's very well endowed and this being my confession, since that time I've dreamed about him sliding his huge c*** deep inside my p**** and up my ever willing ass. It's getting too hard to say no at the moment, and if I'm being honest, I'm now waiting for the right time and place to let him have his wish.

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  • I had a short (less than two years) affair with my father-in-law and it was such a wonderful time in my life, and the best time of my entire s** life. The taboo nature of the relationship was obviously a big part of the pleasure, and it was something we both felt every time we were together. Like yours, my father-in-law was supremely hung, much better than his son, who I love but who has never really hit it like daddy did, and he never will. Also like yours, my father-in-law was ravenous for my ass, and I was so happy to give it to him, especially because he was so hung and because his wife never gave it up. That was, in fact, how we began: a drunken party conversation in which he admitted that he was getting no a*** at home, and that he went elsewhere for it on occasion, and then he confessed that he fantasized about hammering my ass on a regular basis. I told him to put up or shut up. Well, he put up. For two years, he put it up about twice a week on average. My husband got transferred for work, so I only see my father-in-law maybe three times a year, but every time, we "get a room". I do hope you'll start a relationship with yours, and very soon. You can't even begin to imagine how delicious that relationship is going to be. Good luck!!!

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