The Worst Years Of My Life

I'm 17 and I will be 18 in just a week and thus finally an adult. However I will not be Completing my education I just can't take it anymore Middle and High school have literally been the worst years of my life so far. I remember in middle school it started out nice and I had such an appetite for knowledge little did I know what kind of h*** would await me. First I had a complete b**** of a social studies teacher a subject which happened to be my favorite and she f****** ruined it for me, Second the gym teachers were either pervert men or lumberjack lesbian women who would constantly sexually harass the girl students god I feel so bad for those poor girls. third All of us were generally treated like s*** the staff knew we couldn't stand up to them and they took advantage of those motherless f****** and that's just the abridged version. (this comment could also apply for high school as well). My life at home wasn't much better I always had an a****** stepfather who would physically and verbally abuse me and my brother, my mother did little to help us instead she just lived in her own little imaginary world were she had the ideal family, My actual father who did love and care for us could do little to stop him. During this time in Father's side of the family my grandmother died she was the only thing hold my fathers extended family together and slowly my family descended into chaos fighting over money and property people who I knew as my family suddenly turned into savage animals trying to rip apart a dead carcass. And then comes High School I had hope that this might actually be better and I was so Horribly wrong so once again First the administration is insanely corrupt one example would "Random Drug Testing" There's nothing random about it as the only people who get sent down are the Black and Hispanic Kids even the Jocks who are some of the most notorious pot heads in the school never get tested because the school wants to maintain it's sports prestige. Second The Teachers are often biased in there curriculum often punishing students who have differing opinion or try to correct there errors. Third Arbitrary rules and regulations that are designed to dehumanize the students and simply want them to just conform to what ever bullshit the admin. throws at them. Fourth there are 4 types of teachers in the school: 1. The A******* who have no respect for literally anybody except when the principle's around. 2. The Depressed are simply middle aged men and women who simply hate there lives and wish they were young again but also are typically a*******. 3 The Perverts which hit on most of the female students such one gym teacher who shoved a girls face into his crotch after pretending to trip. and 4 the Ones who are actually nice and treat there students with dignity and respect like human beings however this group is few and far between. over these 3 years I've gotten into drugs and Alcohol I remember the first semester of Junior year I got High or drunk Literally ever day until January now i'm sober but still struggle with depression I'm Dropping out as soon as I turn 18 this summer of 2014, getting a job, Then I'm leaving this shithole of a household and to be frank that's been the only thing that's been keeping me going these last few years is my hope of one day being able to find a better life. So that's it I guess My overall ambition in life is to travel the world which my mother has sturnly fought against but I will be an adult soon and wont have to take this s*** anymore and will finally be able to live my life.


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  • Good luck! Great post!

  • Just a couple of words of advice.. go and get your GED, if you haven't considered that. And if you can look into a community college or even a university. College is so much better than high school. Even though having a degree doesn't always guarantee a job these days, it can help depending on what your end goals are. If you want to see the world, one idea would be to find a job like teaching English overseas. There are programs online you can check out. It could be a very cool experience and you could earn a living, make friends for a lifetime and see the world. There's no guarantee that you won't encounter a******* in the real world, but hopefully you'll meet and associate with super cool people and it will outweigh the bad.

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