I DESPISE my wife's Daughter and Son

How can my wife be so intelligent in general and so godam stupid when it comes to her kids?

What the f*** is it with people that makes them think their less-than-mediocre children are SO F****** AWESOME?!?!

"He's Amazing" ..Ha! Oh my f****** god!!! "Amazing"? This is something she said with such passion about hooking up a printer to the PC when he was 19 years old. Hooking up a printer to a PC was f****** "AMAZING". It's scary how a parent will look at their child as if they are newly discovered life form, and anything and everything they do is absolutely "AMAZING", from taking a step to hooking up a printer, F****** AMAZING, yea.

And so grateful this one (and he's the good one). They both have ALWAYS treated their mother like a pile of s***. Disgusted and bitter when when quit her career job to work with me. It totally ruined their plans to enslave her to work for them her entire adult life, run and pay for their household while they played. I mean they were vocally open about it.

Kids that have no concept of respect for ANYTHING and covet only APATHY, are lazy as h***, openly expressing their "disappointment" in their mother for simply not continuing to live her entire life for them.

Those [kids] would have allowed her to work until she was too old to physically do it anymore. VOID of work ethic and respect for ANYTHING, not education, not money, not morality, not ethics, not academics, not experience, not age, NOTHING. These kids are too apathetic to have respect for ANY F****** THING AT ALL!

They live like trash. Saw the 20 year old daughters car and it was disgusting beyond description, I was aghast and could not believe anyone could live like that. But why am I shocked, they would leave dog s*** and dog p*** in their living area for however long until their mother or myself cleaned it up. And my wife expects NOTHING from them, never going near criticizing them for ANYTHING.. everything they do is either "great", a "learning experience" or just "normal".

Mother will listen to the daughter, who is a total loser, lazy, degenerate scitzo, cackle about what losers other people are and how she is always the victim of such injustice, in this f****** tone of voice that I would have NEVER EVER allowed her to develop. I would have slapped the living s*** out of my daughter anytime she started sounding like this, it's a tone, that repulses people, I would have been doing her a great favor had she been my daughter.

The main issue with this girl is, she has no tolerance for anything, the entire world has been "cut off" from her own intolerance. She is incapable of even creating a simple friendship. Her world consists of relatives ONLY. That's it. Not one person in which love is conditional can stand her. Her circle is limited to a few family members, PERIOD. This makes them tribal as h***.

They are such f****** inept clueless losers, and their mother won't tell them. I keep explaining to the my wife, that [kids] react to EMOTION, NOT LOGIC, and you need to SHOW them "how f****** mad or disgusted you are, but she walks on eggshells only, all she does is put up with what should be called out as asinine. (the father is a drunk loser who will die young, 2 packs of smokes and a 12-pack a day. You can take the people out of the scum, but you can't take the scum out of the people, they have inbred loser-genes that pull their primal subconsciousness's back into the primal degenerate slime.

I told the boy I would pay for college, and he asked what he would want in return, and used the pride of refusal as an excuse to keep his lazy ass out of college (and he's the productive one) At least he's a food industry worker.

Then I surprise my wife by taking her to a car dealer explaining I have arranged a new car for the girl, but instead of happiness I get outrage because I did not get the boy a car (because the boy is known for one thing, that people that go into debt are stupid f****** losers, and he would never go into debt. So, I offered to foot the college bill, but there was no f****** way I am buying a new car for Mr. "you're a stupid f*** for having a debt" (says mr. big who has managed to save 5K in 5 years and thinks he will never have to borrow money, just wants us to borrow it for him).

So, anytime I try to do something for them, I get stung, hard. So, I am done trying fine. But the daughter is like a bad smell you cannot get rid of. She is not happy unless and until she makes her mother miserable. Her happiness is directly tied to her mothers despair. The only thing that makes the daughter happy is the mother being unhappy, it's so obvious. These adult kids are a*******. I have known them for 6 years, and the more I know them the more I loathe them. They are worthless, intolerable, tribal despicable individuals. I would save or benefit a total stranger before these to people who I know are worthy of no respect.

But at the son stays away hating, disrespecting and ignoring his mother from a distance, the daughter is like s*** on your shoe, and she CANNOT leave. She has an innate need to destroy her mother's happiness so she continuously finds excuses to be around simply to drain and destroy her, and of course my wife allows it, thinks it's being a "good mom".

Weird thing is, I can tell, i just know part of her hates these f****** a******* as much as me. Anyway, if we get divorced I will lose the woman I love, but I will have one h*** of a consolation prize (I assume you have guessed it's never having to be associated with those godam worthless piece-of-s*** kids again). ( I say kids, the a******* are 20 and 22 and have matured ZERO, in the 6 years I have known them).

I truly detest them, I physically cringe just hearing their names, and the sound of the step daughter when she hits that righteous loud tone, it's literally like an EM Pulse torture weapon to me, I have to run away fast as it's painful and disruptive to my central nervous system. (she's a megalomaniac). If they were my kids, I could cure them of that s*** in 12 months, but the mother, somehow blind to their idiocy has some deficiency obvious appropriate outrage and action.


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  • Breeder type "mommies" push their brains out with the placenta. Their kid could be filleting someone else's baby right in front of them and they'd be like "there's my little man, tee hee!" Isn't it great to know that winners like this can shoot out as many kids as they want, and that this has been going on for generations? Explains a lot, doesn't it?

  • You sound like a entitled little c***

  • Shhh, Stevie. Here's a Pop Tart. Go sit down and eat it, now.

  • Do you plan on leaving soon, or did you just need to get that off your chest? It'll be heartbreaking for you and your wife, but stay and you could end up suffering from depression

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