I hate my girlfriend

I hate my girlfriend. I met her online 4 years ago this winter. I moved a thousand miles away from my family and started a new life with her. I now am going to college and have a great job all thanks to her being there for me. Here comes the down side... she is a complete total f****** life drain. She ruins everything. She has put huge strain on my health, my friendships with great people I have met since moving, my hobbies, and especially my financial situation. She refusing to get a job but always promises that she will be the cook and housekeeper. Then when I get home she gives me a list of s*** to help her clean. We recently lost our apartment because she is too lazy to get a license and go find a job. I even offered to buy her a car if she got a license and she turned it down. Now we are staying with friends of mine and all she does everyday is find things to b**** about my friend about. I point out to everybody that she is taking things in a completely wrong way but she still doesn't get it. She waits until I'm busy doing s*** and starts a fight. She makes me completely miserable but I can't be the a****** that drops her out on the street. I can't bring myself to do it and I don't know why. She abuses me mentally and emotionally and occasionally even physically and I cannot stand her. How am I supposed to deal with this?

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  • Yeh well that doesn't surprise me harrzy

  • I am the author of this story. I would like to thank you all for your feedback with my terrible situation. I have moved on from her. I am back in my home state 1000 miles away from her and I have been more happy in the last two days since I've been back than I have the entire three years with her put together.

  • Tell us what did you do and say to be free from her Details please I like to
    know .

  • Dump'er ass ta the curb like i did with my former gf i dumped her for a bbw with huge t*** and we couldn't be happier

  • Oh my goodness I feel so bad for you good thing you didn't marry her !
    How was she able to afford her apartment before you moved in with her ?
    This girl sounds toxic and you need to break up with her now before you have a heart attack , no joking !
    Last thing you want to do is buy her a car are you crazy !
    Clearly she has no desire to do anything and that happens when no one forces her to get up from her ass and do something in her life . She has become a shadow to your life and not of her own .
    Sit down and tell her I'm sure she has family she can go live with , break up with her or your going to end up miserable and life is way to short for that right !

  • Ever wonder why people worry about becoming an a****** for standing up for themselves and doing the wholly justifiable thing? If you choose to do nothing but keep bending over and taking it, please write back to let us know when you will be sainted for your clear conscience in spite of p****** away everything but your s***** girlfriend's opinion of you. Which is all that really matters. (((She made your pucker too loose even for my big ol johnson, the c***)))

  • You need to be a MAN and tell her exactly how you feel. You need to express to her that her actions will become the straw that broke the camels back. She has gotta be lazy as f*** if you offered to buy her a car and she turned that down! Dude try to work things out and if it doesn't work out then you should move back home with your family.

  • Sorry, this situation sounds terrible. If you really want this relationship to work, then work on it..but SHE needs to start caring about herself and get help. Sounds like she's depressed and has some other social anxiety issues happening. But if you're miserable and don't see a future with her, then by all means break up. There is nothing that says you have to stay with her or are responsible for her. By enabling her and her behavior, you are not helping her or yourself. DO NOT buy her a car or food or anything anymore. She's an adult and it's time she grows up and starts to take care of herself. If she needs money, tell her to ask her parents or.. wait for it....get a job. Unfortunately, your your friends are involved - but it may be a way out. My suggestion would be to tell your gf that you need to live separately - and have your friends back you that you must be out of their place in 30 days. Because you can leave, but the worse thing would be sticking your friends with this girl that probably won't leave. Maybe picking fights with you is her strategy to get attention or possibly test you to break up with her. If she asks what she'll do. Truthfully, you can care but it's not your problem to solve. I mean really, I'm not trying to be bitchy ..but she's an adult. You're not her husband, or father. You didn't sign up for this. You want a partner, not a dependent. Tell her to sign up for assistance or something. You can only be so nice. You have your life to live too and if you don't do something, it will be another 4 years. You could make her life very difficult and call the cops the next time she physically assaults you. Maybe that's a last resort. Think you have to be really firm and not passive with this. Make plans for yourself, get your own place and don't tell her an address. If she has a cell phone you're paying for, put it in her name. If she has any of your passwords to your accounts, change them. Break up and move on.

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