Felt up my sister in law

I've had the hots for her for several years, and tonight was the night. She was very drunk and needed help getting too and from the car. At one point I had a finger hooked inside her bra, another time I had a full hand full of her right t**. Numerous opportunities to rub my d*** against her legs and ass as I helped her walk, and as she threw up in the bathroom sink. Stood behind her and masturbated at one point as she hugged the toilet. She's so hot -- awesome night!

Jul 13, 2014

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  • You jerked it while someone was barfing in front of you?? Please don't breed, we've got too many gross idiots on this planet already

  • That's your brother, man! I would kick your ass! And wifey would become ex-wifey. I bet you'd like that for sloppy seconds, right?

  • She texted me a couple of days later, and said that next time it was my turn to get so drunk, and her turn to take care of me. She said she'd do as good a job taking care of me as I did her. She didn't seem angry at all, and in fact, a little playful. I wonder how far she wants to take it?

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