My sweet black love

I'm helping my elderly african american neighbor of 68 with her shopping and minor other things in the house.
Due her overweight she has difficulty walking, she hardly leave the house.

I've been sexual interested in that bbw lady for a many years, everything at her is big and I like that kind of women.
I'm 36 now, caucasian and single.

Due one of the many conversations in time it slipped my tongue that I had many fantasies about her over the years, she kept silent and no word was said after since.

But three month ago she called me to come over. When I entered her house (I kept a key in case off) I saw my elderly african american neighbor standing up when I entered.
She gave me a hug and said she had a long time thinking how to thank me for what I am doing for her. But she knows now.

She smiled at me, then pressed her massive big body firm against me and I responded at once.
She took me to her bathroom and cleaned me and herself, took me then to her bedroom.
Her way of thanking me was pretty surprising and amazing, such good s** for that elderly neighbour of my with difficulty walking.

Since then she shares her bed with me, she likes it a lot because she calls me often to come over for the night.

Jul 17, 2014

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