Sucking my friend and loving it

I recently started givng my friend b******* and I have found that I really love it.
I am not attracted to men at all and I doubt I would ever be able to suck some guy's tool, but with my friend it just sort of happened and. fortunately neither of us has regrets or hangups about it. Sometimes we suck each other but most often I just suck him. He gets to enjoy a b****** from someone that enjoys it and I get to enjoy the very kinky feeling of him c****** in my mouth, usually down my throat.

personally I don't care if this means I am gay in the eyes of some people. Taking him in my mouth is a huge turn on for me and yhe feeling grows the longer we carry on. Feeling him getting close to c****** is awesome, and then sucking and swallowing ad he c*** is the hottest feeling ever.

Also, the fact that he knows I enjoy him c****** in my mouth allows him to enjoy it more. If you have never felt a guy exploding deep in your mouth then you don't know what you are missing..

S** is s**......forget about the labels.

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  • I gave my bet friend a b****** and he came in my mouth i lie being controlled being someones b**** it turns me on so i deepthroated him and i would gladly do it again and im 15

  • I once heard someone say if your in a dark room and U got a b******* you
    wouldn't know if it was a guy or a girl because it's a b******* .

  • Having a guy c** in your mouth is one of the hottest things ever. It feels so taboo and kind of wrong, because it's another man and you know you like women. At the same time it's a huge rush to bring another man to o***** in your mouth, to hear him moan and feel his c*** explode and spill a huge load of c** into your mouth. It's so powerful knowing what you can do to him, being able to feel it and hear it and taste it happening.

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