Help me out here

I often watch p*** and m********* in the evenings, like an hour or so after my daughter goes to bed so I know for sure she's asleep and I won't disturb her. One night last week, though, she walked in on me. Of course, I then had to explain all about what I was doing to myself and why. But instead of that satisfying her curiosity, it got her REAL INTERESTED. Now she's begging me to have s** with her.

Now what do I do? If I send her off to my ex to have her mother deal with the problem, she'll just call the cops. If I ask anyone I know for advice, they'll just call the cops. If I go get professional help, they'll just call the cops. But if I just try to pretend it's not happening, how long will I last? After all, I'm a pretty h**** guy. And she's young. And she's cute. And now she's begging for it....


Jul 21, 2014

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  • In all seriousness, Yuor Ex probably would call, Your friends would laugh most likely, and a proffesional if you tell them the complete truth and say what happen which was not on purpose then they would most likely have someone talk and explain things to your daughter

    and side-note just in the anons... I WOULD HAVE HIT (yeah i'm a creep)

  • I hope this is fake because if it isn't then you need to be reported !

  • If she is an adult or nearly an adult f*** her she wants it you both want it, its consenting incest, I know it is taboo but that makes it more sensual, go for it, if she caught you wanking that's something that happens you can not be arrester it was not intentional, me and my wife were f****** when we thought we were alone only to discover our daughter had been watching from the bottom of the bed and had seen everything, it took a bit of bribing to keep her quiet. Don

  • Fake as f***!

  • You have no choice but to f*** her b**** deep, like any good father would.

  • Wtf....

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