Horsing around

I remember gaging up on a boy with my girlfriends trying to strip him. We got as far as to lower his underwear just enough for his d*** to pop out. !Wow! we were all on top of him when his hard d*** sprung out inches away from our faces. It was just for a couple of seconds before he managed to push us all off and pulled his clothes back up. What we really wanted was taking all his clothes off, hide them and have some fun with him. He tried to laugh it off, but could hide his embarrassment. I guess we kept reminding him by talking about it, while he secretly planned his revenge. I just happen to be picked out because I had sweat shorts and easy to strip. I still remember my elastic sweat shorts and panties slipped off, my t*** popping out and my girlfriends laughing just outside the front door. It funny what nude embarrassment does to you, because I stopped struggling and just gave in. Just laid there with legs apart, p**** lips spread wide open and h**** boys playing with my nipples and talking about my c***. Felt a mixture between acute humiliation and extreme sexual excitement. Explaining what happed later to my girlfriends was a second embarrassment. They wanted to hear all the sexy details and had to confess being checked out but omitted the touching.

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  • Did that to a boy once. Tackled him and slid my hand down the front of his pants and Told my girlfriends he had a b****. They ganged up in him, pulled his shorts down and out popped his stiff d***. Sexy as h***.

  • I remember being suckered into walking over to a group of girls sitting by the pool and getting my bathing suit pulled down. Took me a few seconds to realize I had been stripped naked right in front of them and just stood there frozen with shame for a few a seconds. Remember them looking at my d***, covering their mouths and laughing their heads off, while I pulled them back up and walked away. The worst was watching girls having fun talking about. I guess nudity turns on everyone as long as it's not you.

  • I remember my girlfriends and I stripping a boy they had left tied to back yard fence. He looked so embarrassed with his shirt hiked up, pants and underwear down around his ankles and his hard d*** sticking out in front of us. We forced him to c** with a little nipple play and a lot of d*** stroking. I wish some would have taken pictures of it. The kid got owned that day and never said anything. I wouldn't have either.

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