Strip spin bottle

Wildest thing I did with my girlfriends when I was 17 was strip spin the bottle. We did it in one of the girls home when her parents were way for the weekend. My three girlfriends and four boys had the whole house to ourselves. My girlfriends almost peed themselves with laughter when I ended losing everything. !Wow! what a rush it was parading myself naked in front of four h**** boys looking at my t*** and p****. Had to stay like that till everyone else slowly lost their clothes and then losing meant having to perform some sexual act in front of everyone. Very arousing to get to see four naked boys with their hard d**** on show. My girl Becky lost and we all watched her with her legs wide open and boys taking turns sucking her p****. Very embarrassed but soon found herself moaning all the way to an o*****. In fact we all got our p****** eaten out and don't know how many d**** I sucked that nighty. The whole thing turned into a sexual orgy grabbing the closet partner you had next to you. One thing we all agreed was keeping it safe with no penetration. Lucky there was no carpet on the floor and easy to whip off sperm of a ceramic tile floor. I still remember sucking my crush's d***. We ended up having a steading sexual relationship even when we've already sexually cheated with everyone else. I guess it didn't matter because we all wanted s** and kept play sexy games every time we got a chance to do it. I'm married with kids now and really miss the h**** things I did as a teenager. Group s** just is mind blowing.


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  • When I was 13 I moved to a new high school. I desperately wanted to have some friends. The queen bee befriended me but there was a cost. In class she would sit beside me and feel m me up or she would assign somone to do that. Some afternoons we would get together and play games and do stuff. Sometimes she would tell me to take my clothes off and just hang in the nude. I was so conflicted inside

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