The principal

My husband teaches high school PE. He has a sexy very open cheating boss. One day on my way to Columbia, he pulled up beside my car on the interstate. He told me to follow him. I followed him to the rest area and he told me that he has fantasized about me and wanted to know if it would like to palsy with him. Being the s*** that I am I said yes. I followed him home and we went to the basement of his house. He eat my p**** so good. I then started to suck his d*** when his wife walked in. He jumped up and grabbed her and scolded her for coming to the basement. She apologized over and over but that didn't help. He handcuffed her to the pool table bad then came back to me. I continued to suck him out of fear. But then fear turned into passion and I began to enjoy it. She sat there crying watching him f*** every hole of mine. The s** was so good that I forgot she was there. He filled my p**** with his sperm and then said to her that she need to clean up the mess. I was about to get up and ask where the bathroom was when he instructed me not to move. He then took the handcuffs off of her and she got between my legs and set the c** from my p****. When she finished she moved so he could inspect me. I was then allowed to was off and get dress. We continued meeting for s** for over a year until he left the school. Damn I enjoyed him and sometimes his friends.


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  • Nice....suppppper hotttt

  • Wow this is bad you should totally stop

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