Problem with my Maternal Insticts

I want children one day. However, I don't think I could love a child who was mentally retarded, even if it were mine.

If my husband and I were to get pregnant on purpose, and then see on the ultrasound that it had Down's syndrome or something, I'd abort it without a second thought.

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  • Well, I'm sure once the child grew up it'll become suicidal and do the deed, especially with parents that see him as a burden.

  • Unfortunately, you find out most diseases after the baby is born. Then there's drug addiction, mood disorders, and other unexpected problems. I also thought what can go wrong and had kids. I figured we've lived out life to the fullest and kids will be the icing on the cake. Wrong. I now have an autistic child who would be considered mentally retarded. Which means I'll have to take care of him for the rest of my life. I can't go on trips because of his meltdowns and he won't eat regular food. I don't have a social life. I have to rent a friend to have an adult conversation. I hate having to deal with the unsolicited, unwanted, and unrealistic advice from strangers and other mothers. They ruin your life and you go from an individual to a responsible parent. It's depressing. I love my kids but I hate my life. Have I told you do not have kids yet?

  • This is pretty normal actually. Most people are scum bags, and you seem to fit right in. Good luck on being a parent. I hope your kids are perfect. <3

  • Are you on something ? Because that's just plain stupid. What the f*** do you mean you wouldn't love your child. What if you were mentally retarted. Ugh this post p***** me off, thanks. I hope you trip and hit your face.

  • Lets hope she gets her tubes tied

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