Why show it if we can't look

Women dress sexy on purpose. A little cleavage here, plunging neckline, short shorts, short skirt, thong peeking out, tight pants, yoga pants, top with no bra, skimpy bikinis. I'm sure you know what you are showing off before you leave your home. So why are you offended when you catch me looking? Its not as if I'm leering or rubbing my d*** while I look at what you are purposely showing in public. I'm looking for an appropriate amount of time and admiring your shape and curves which is precisely what you want people to look at when you dressed your self in that manner. Please don't twist this into that stupid justification that the way you dress excuses a sexual assault or rape. That's not what this is. This is a man appreciating, admiring, and even l****** after what you women want to show. If you don't want me to look at your cleavage from your low cut dress or blouse then dress more conservatively. If you don't want me to look at your ass then don't wear yoga pants or skin tight jeans. What the f***? If I walk around with my b**** purposely hanging out of my shorts and I catch someone looking at it -- why would I feel offended? Why would I think the person looking is a pervert. In fact, I would still be branded the pervert for walking around with my ball cleavage showing. You know why some of you women are offended? Because I'm not the right guy who you want looking. I'm not hot enough to check you out. I'm not good looking enough to admire your curves. If I was David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney hot then you'd probably like the attention. But since I'm average or ugly by your standards then I don't have the right to look and I'm a pervert if I do. To all the women out there that has taken offense or given me a dirty look for looking at what they are purposely showing - - F*** YOU FOR JUDGING ME. F*** YOU AND YOUR DOUBLE STANDARDS. If you don't want people looking then don't put on a show.

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  • I am a conservative professional women and I do not dress with my breast hanging out or anything to distract my coworkers's or my personal life .
    I have men who look at me and hit on me daily , sweat pants and all when I am at the gym .
    I don't need a man's money , I own my own house , pay my own bills , drive my own car . I work hard for what I have . I want a man to do the same .
    When I go on dates men are Intimidated By Strong, Smart and Successful Women. My point I am saying is woman will get looked at un and down by men know matter what she is wearing . Woman look at men ( Wink )

  • Girls grow up thinking it's normal to wear slutty clothes. I just took my daughter who is 7 years old to walmart for school shopping and the short skirts are unbelievable .

  • LISTEN to all you money lovin skanks a guy DOESNT NEED MONEY TO GET THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS you all bullshit about fast cars and cash it makes you ALL out to be a bunch of greedy B****** GET OVER YOURSELVES pull your heads out of your a**** if im gonna talk to a woman in public Youd better believe me when i say IM NOT GIVEN HER A F***** DIME its not about money so stop postin stupid f***** comments about wanting men only for their money ya cheap tramps

  • You want to look then you have to pay it's called strip clubs if men didn't go there and spend money then they would be out of business . Nothing is free not even s** you pay one way or another .

  • I don't mind when guys look. I dress sexy to feel good and part of that is guys who look. Unless of course you look like a drooling psycho, that freaks me out.

  • But the thing you don't understand is you don't get to decided who can look and who doesn't and that is why guys look up girls skirt because you make it so short we will take a look and finger your p****. You make it easy for us to rape your ass .

  • OP here - you are an idiot. The post is about looking. Rape is a crime and not what this post is about. Its not even looking up a girl's skirt -- because obviously "up the skirt" is not something women are showing to the general public.

  • Now you know why certain Muslims have such a strict dress code for their women. Head covered with a scarf and a shapeless shift. Not much for a man to look at, get excited and fantasize about.

  • UMMM and the woman still get raped and stoned to death but the guy doesn't get stoned why is that ?

  • Thank you for posting this its what all men like us think, and as for that first comment thats why women want men Their Money sayin somethin like that makes you nothing more then a gold diggin w**** a guy DOESNT NEED money or an amazing car ta get the woman of his dreams and yea im not that good looking either but if you dress with your t*** hangin out im Gonna stare i dont give a f*** if you throw a tantrum like a child its not my fault you women dress like skanks stop being so superficial stop judging us on our looks women who want men for their money are TRUELY lower then garbage i want you ta hate on me for putting you all in your places -light

  • Guys use girls as much as girls use guys

    Older men want a 20 year old he pays her she sleeps with him everyone is happy but the poor guy who has no money he gets the fatties

  • I am a woman and I can answer this ..
    There are many reasons why woman dress sexy..

    1 - It's all about the money if she sees you and you have money to burn then u get her if not then it's like window shopping for a new car you can look but you can not touch .
    Go to a club flash money and u will get a girl , I'm not saying it's right but if you want a hot girl u have to pay .

    2 - Then there are just some woman who just want to feel sexy feel like a woman .

    3 - Low self steam they feel if they dress like this then guys will like them

  • Youv'e got my respect dude!

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