Basketball depantsing

I get an absolute rush when girls younger than me see my d*** so as I was waiting for the girls basketball team to finish one of the managers aged 3 years younger than I came over to where my team and I where waiting I was standing there not paying attention watching the girls practice the managers brother sneakes up on me and pulls down both my shorts and underwear to my ankles.I was not wearing a shirt so everything was visible the whole girls team stopped an laughed I was as hard as a rock now. I'm frozen and can't move I finally pull up my pants... I j******* thinking about this atleast once a week

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  • You know what you should do I saw a video of this woman she tapes herself answering the door with just a towel and then she drops the towel and lets the delivery pizza boy see her full frontal nude . it's so erotic !!

  • It must have been a real embarrassment when they all saw your hard 3". Bet you had a hard time getting any dates after that incident.

  • It's 5 inches and yeah I do

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