I think about my boyfriend and gis ex all the time. I've been with my boyfriend for two years, I love him very much and I know he loves me. He always talks about kids and marriage and our future. I live with him right now, He's told me everything there is to know about his past relationships, not that there's much to know. I'm the only girl he's been with since his jr year of high school. His only other relationship lasted only 3 months and the other girl he liked they were never together they just kissed a few times and hung out a lot. He doesn't talk to rather of them at all because he knows it makes me uncomfortable, but I still feel like he misses them, or what they had. I ask him sometimes if he still thinks about him, he swears the only time they come to mind is when I bring them up.

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  • You'll grow out of that way of thinking when you start getting closer to 30. In the meantime enjoy life and get to know yourself better. DON'T GET MARRIED LOLOLOL

  • It's more you being insecure and jealous than being crazy. He doesn't think about it.. it was only 3 months and in high school. Why are you bringing it up? Just stop. You're going to doom the relationship because you won't let it go.

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