Giving it to my neighbors wife

The last couple years we've flirted at gatherings, parties and such. However a month ago she was a bit tipsy and told me she's heard me banging my wife a few times when we've left the windows open and she's been out for a walk with the dog.

When asked what she thought, she said it made her curious. I asked about what, and she said if I could make her scream like that. I told her "too bad we're both married" and her response without hesitation, and with this look in her eye as she leaned in toward me was "I won't tell if you don't!"

I basically said right, your friends w the wife and this couldn't end well. She slides her hand up my leg, grabs me and squeezes and says "then why don't we slip off so I can prove it" I thought, ok if we get caught, I'll pull the we were drunk card.. we slipped off to the finished basement guest room while everyone was upstairs having a good time.

As soon as we're in the room she starts getting my shorts down, kisses me briefly and goes right to her knees. Talented, and a lot of fun.. I can say she made me feel she wasn't messing around. I told her I'd leave the door unlocked Monday if she wanted to come over after my wife left for work. She stops by every couple mornings now after she watches my wife drive off. She is wild, loud and such a crazy little s***!

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  • You lucky b****** :)

  • I second this! What a perfect setup!

  • Thanks guys.. she came over again yesterday! More good times were had, she made me some breakfast in my own kitchen and then wanted it again.. and again. Got ready and told me she had a lunch date w her husband, only reason she was leaving..Such a freak!

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