A girl whose name is a gem

When She and I first started talking after 6 years of silence after she moved away I nearly instantly got way too attached to her. In the following months we did things, said things and thought things that we really shouldn't have as now we don't talk. That great time we were having before all the rubbish happened is gone and now its as if she wants nothing to do with me but is too kind to say so and insists on "staying by my side" for when I need someone. Honestly sometimes I feel like I should have just let the silence continue as then I wouldn't have this hole where her company used to be. This whole situation is a mess and to top it all off she has a boyfriend now which makes the whole trying to get back to the good friend thing nearly impossible as she has almost completely shut down to me after finding out my feelings even though she shared them or so I was led to believe for months.

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