I am so happy I am skinny!

When I was fat I used to wonder when will I ever get a skinny body. But now that I am skinny people jealous and I know it! It feels so nice to be one of the skinny ones and to finally wear clothes that fit. I am so much more prettier. But now I can't help but laugh at the fat people… :\ kinda rude but man it feels so great to be SKINNY

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  • You give both fat girls and skinny girls an ugly name.

  • Tbh I lost 30 pounds and I am definently prettier. Honestly it takes a lot of work to lose weight so I think when people comment "oh your not healthy" or "real women have curves" that is bullshit and people need to shut the f*** up. People don't understand that weight does not define the f****** person so don't try to shame girls who work for their body by saying they should make themselves fatter. I'm healthy and vegan so don't hate on people. I have a horrible body dismorphia from people f****** up my mind about my body. And it's hard to want to live when you are made to feel ugly.

  • Your post is disgusting and this is coming from a "skinny" girl. You need to fix your personality because posting something like this makes you ugly. Not sorry for saying it.

  • "I am so much more prettier." Unfortunately, you're still stupid. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Oh good your skinny. But are you HEALTHY? That's the important thing. I've seen some skinny girls who still look ugly as f***. And I've seen slme fat girls who look pretty. Your weight does not define your beauty. I will tell you though thay people who are healthy, as in eating healthy, getting plenty of sunshine and excercising so they're fit always look good.

    I really hope though that you did not go to extremes to lost that weight...

  • Most women assume when they lose extra weight and transform their body that makes the individual beautiful; no the face is still the same if you were fat and ugly you now skinny and ugly or average or whatever your face looked like before your weight loss. Skinny is not beautiful it is just skinny.

  • I am a guy. From about the age of 12 to 20, I was super obese (BMI over 40). Then, from ages 20-25, I started working out two hours at a time, twice a day. I lost 150 pounds and got down to a normal BMI. I, too, started looking at fat people with disgust, even though I was one for most of my life. I think it's normal. It's like ex-smokers avoiding people who smoke. Then, after marriage and children, the weight has come rushing back. Perhaps that, or maturity now that I am 34, has made me non-judgemental of anyone's body shape.

  • You maybe skinny in the outside shell but your ugly inside ..Why would you make fun of fat people if you were fat if anything you should have compassion knowing it's not easy to lose weight if it was everyone would be thin .

  • I dont like thin girls especially one like you, i prefer bbw's and ssbbw's I LOVE BIG WOMEN, you may think you look good but most guys like me wont even look at people like you, with big women there soft cuddly huggable and GORGEOUS with great personalities. thin girls suck they ALWAYS worry about their weight and what they eat its pathetic id rather have a burger with a curvacious goddess instead of eating like a bird -Light

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