Fun with my best friend

When I was in high school I was staying the night at my best friend house after parting and drinking beer. He started undressing and I noticed his c*** is huge longer and allot thicker soft than mine is hard. Being drunk I didn’t have a filter to think and said dude your lucky you have a huge c***. He just laughed and saying thanks and thankfully didn’t dress staying nude for me to enjoy checking his c*** out. We both had girlfriends and not gay in anyway I was turned on by it. We started talking about girls we had f***** as we did he got rock hard. All this talk about s** can’t help it he said laughing as he stroked his c***. That’s kweel I actually was wondering how much bigger your c*** get than mine when you got hard. He laughs sayin that’s kweel asking if I was hard I smiled rubbing the bulge in my jeans. Asking him if he wanted to compare them he said sure as I started stripping naked. He moved closer and we started rubbing our c**** together and feeling each other’s c**** and b****. He was 8 3/4” long and 6 1/4” thick around compared to my 5 1/4” long 4 3/4” thick around c*** he had gotten a measuring tape from his moms sewing room. We ended up laying in his bed he got on top pressing out c**** together started humping them together. We got into the 69 position and sucked each other off several times draining each other’s b****. We ended up falling asleep and suddenly I felt my hand on his c*** that was rock hard he had put my hand on it. I said you big beautiful c**** hard again I felt his finger go up my ass and started sucking his c***. He was fingering my and squeezing my c*** at the same time as I got use to one finger he put a second and it hurt. Suddenly it started to feel really good and I shot my load he used his finger and put my load with his finger up my ass. He put my legs over his shoulders as he got between my legs pinning my shoulders down. I felt instant pain as he forced his c*** up my ass screaming he was to big. Just relax buddy I tried to get him off but he held me down forcing his big c*** up inside my ass. I couldn’t move my lower body it was like his big c*** had paralyzed my lower body and he took me by force. Bigger in every way I had no chance but to accommodate his bigger c*** up my ass. When I thought it was all in he shoved all the way he felt like he was in my guts so deep. I just kept telling him he was too big your c**** to big you gotta bigg c*** buddy. He just kept f****** my ass harder and harder pinning me down. Finally pure pleasure took over as he rode me to a man o***** we cam together. We both laughed laying next to each other after passing out I awoke h****. Got a washcloth and washed his c*** he just laid their i then sucked his c*** till it got hard. I then pulled him back on top begging for him to take me again.

Sep 27, 2019

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