Relative Stalker Rant

He is my half brother from a different mom. Eversince we got in touch he's been going overboard. He likes and comments any and everything within the second I post, calls, messages, texts me everyday almost every hour asking what I'm doing and if I'm on facebook for let's say 5 literal minutes, he brings that up when I do talk to him and asks what I was doing at the time. I feel like a b**** but it'd getting out of control. And when I make it obvious to him that I'm busy he doesn't get it. Like I'll say "I'm busy right now, have to take care of kids", he goes "Okay." and keeps talking. It takes me literally 8 times to tell him I'm busy before he gets upset and makes a sad voice, the one where you can tell they're purposely wanting you to know they're upset, and says "Oh...I guess I'll talk to you later then." I'm a parent and I'm usually busy taking care of my kid most of the day and he keeps blasting my phone. He has called me ten times within one hour once and when I finally texted him to ask what was up he was like, "Oh nothing just seeing what you were up to". I love him and all but s*** enough is enough. I've talked to him about not getting all moody if I'm busy and cant answer his calls many times but the next day he just forgets and does the same s*** all over again. He also throws pity parties and tries to drag me into depression with him and I just can't have that at the current time. Everyone I know has started to notice how he has been, even our own dad. I wanna be cool with him but he just can't understand that my world doesn't revolve around him.

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  • You need to start making some ground rules on this kid . I understand your trying to be nice but in this case being nice wont get you anywhere , people like him don't get hints you have to be blunt and yes he maybe get his feeling hurt but to bad he is misusing your friendship .
    If he dose this with you then he must of done this with other people and they more then likely blocked him .
    I don't know how old he is but he sounds young , tell your dad to talk to him , maybe help him find a hobby he has to much time on his hands .

  • He sounds very lonely, which is sad. And it's sad that he has no idea how he comes off. And maybe you're really his only friend at this point. The novelty of finding you and talking all the time may wane after awhile. Just hang on. You may have to be a bit more firm, not mean..just firm. For FB, ignore it when he likes or comments on your post. Let him, don't let that get to you. Be sure to turn off that you are online to chat. Or if you don't, again..don't feel that you have to reply. For the phone calls, you may just have to get a little rude and not give him a moment to reply. Either don't pick up when you see that he calls or if you do ..sound rushed and say, I can't talk to you right now, I have to make dinner..or whatever. I'll talk to you later, okay .wait a sec..(he'll say something).gotta go, bye! - hang up. But in the evening, when the kids are asleep, make time to call him and say ..hey I can talk for 30-40 min, need to go to sleep..and say you have a time and then put the timer on. When he starts the pity party conversation - don't engage him. Just say, I'm sorry you're feeling that way, what could you do to make the situation happier? Maybe it's about your world can include him but you have to attend to your children's needs first and sometimes you don't have time for long conversations. At least start somewhere..

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