i dont feel all that bad about it

i have been dating this girl who is 20 yrs old and has 3 kids (ages 5, 4 and 1) all with different dads. she is 19 yrs younger than me and she wants to get married and she is always trying to bring her kids around me and on dates with us. i think she wants me to be like a father to them coz their own dads are out of the picture. i always find a reason not to take them or have them stay over at my place. she is getting kinda serious but for me right now its mostly s** and i dont want those kids getting in the way of all the s** i have with the mother. she is a really really unbelievably great lay (the best i ever had) and i dont want to lose that or have it interfered with by a bunch of kids that aren't even mine.

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  • thats a really great suggestion and she has this little cousin who is so tiny and sweet and young and i would really love to get my d*** in her. she has a boyfriend and she loves him but the kid is in high school for f**** sake and has no money. her parents are just broke-ass trailer trash so they would love for somebody to take that expense off their hands. i could really improve her situation and i might even be able to get the parents to approve. god i have been wanting that little b**** for as long as i have known her and if i play it right i might be able to keep my current girlfriend too but not her kids. thanks!

  • My bet your a s** offender ! You sound like one if it quacks like a duck it is a duck . better stop now God has a place for those who take advantage on his children .

  • No im not a s** offender not even close and i wouldnt be taking advantage of this girl despite her age bcuz she has been sexual for as long as ive known her and she has f***** a lot of guys. dont know how many but its a lot. she is wild and she loves to go party and when she goes to party she always f****. like always. the more i think about it the more i think i could convince her parents to let her live with me. they dont get along anyways and so i think they would rather have me paying her all expenses than them and best of all.....she has zero rugrats! she had an abortion maybe 3 yrs ago and she gave a baby for adoption but no kids that she is raising. i swear to god if you saw her you would want to f*** her too. she really looks like a spectacular f***. and everything she does is sexy. i mean every f****** thing. she is much too hot.

  • Keep banging the little ho and don't feel bad about it. When you have had your fill of her just kick her and her rug rats to the curb... Ask her to bring friends over and bang them too...that's what I do with my ho

  • (oops....the message about my girls delicious little cousin was supposed to be here, but it wound up above somehow.....)

  • your taking advantage of her. shes a single mother and deserves more respect than this. you need to either step up to the plate and be her man or break up with her. but stop treating her like your own private w****. shes not a w**** shes a human and you need to start treating her like one.

  • Your not to bright are you yet your older then her .
    If she is 20 and has 3 kids my goodness can you not see what she is doing ?
    She wants you to marry her so you can be there dad to her 3 kids ... HELLO
    You say your having s** with her not a smart thing how do you know she wont try to get pregnant by you , how do you know if she has tried to do that with her last 3 guys she got knocked up with ?
    She has a one year old !!
    Time for you to stop this or you will pay you will be number 4
    Stop using your d*** and use for brain she's using you as much as you are using her !!

  • Obviously this is more serious then what you're saying here if she's bringing up marriage. Helloo...You're dating a woman - who has 3 kids and can't legally drink yet. What do you think is going to happen? Don't date women with kids, if you don't want kids. What if she gets pregnant? She has 3 already? She may see you as someone who can take care of her and children...

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