I want my friend's husband.

I have always been attracted to my friend's husband, but have shoved those feelings down for obvious reasons (I'm married too, and have never been unfaithful or even imagined it until now). He also happens to be one of my husband's close friends. I know he finds me attractive as well, as I've caught him looking at me lustfully on a few occasions, yet he always looks embarrassed at being caught and turns his head away quickly. Well, I recently had a dream in which we were at a party, and he caught me in a dark corner. Next thing I know his one hand is moving my panties to the side while he begins fingering me with the other, and whispering into my ear how badly he has wanted me all this time. It was so hot and vivid, I woke up in the midst of having a REAL o*****, which has never happened to me from a dream before! Now, I can't stop thinking about him, and imagining that scenario being played out in real life every time I see him. Earlier tonight my husband took me from behind, and my mind immediately pictured my friend's husband in his place, and I came so fast and hard, my husband gasped that he'd never felt my p**** quiver and soak him like that before. I don't think this friend of ours has any idea that I fantasize about him this way, and I can't help but wonder what would happen if he DID know.


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  • F*** him and his son and mailman gardener

  • Hey hot add I am.23 female Latin I
    Love the story I was in this situation with my hubbys BIG DICKcousin#)

  • Just call him over once when you're home alone. Pretend that you need some suggestion and you want to keep it between the two of you. When he is there tell him to help you do some domestic chore. ... portend to have fallen and ask him to apply an ointment on your thigh and back.

    F*** him hard after he lays his hands on you.

  • However this gets resolved, let me know as I want to bang my wife's friend SO bad (and I think she wants me to) but I don't know how to approach it. lpfc905 @ hotmail .com

  • Have a dinner party and stand up and make an anounment and say ..
    I would like to have a 4 someone anyone with me whooooo !
    See what they all say they might say h*** yeah let's gets some 420 and drinks and a big bed !

  • It sounds like you're bored. While the fantasy is super hot, I wouldn't let it go beyond that and risk ruining marriages and friendships. But if you can't scratch the itch, so to speak, I am unattached, and experienced. ;)

  • Chances are you could f*** your friend's hubby and get away with it, or ruin your marriage and hers.My personal feeling is that you gonna try your best in the next few months to f*** him regardless of the consequences or what anybody else thinks.Enjoy.

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