I was staying with my wife in a hotel in goa. We are both 28 years old. During the stay we ordered a lot of room service and also spent a lot of time having s**.
Once when we had a waiter deliver some drinks and food to the room, my wife was dressed in a bikini. As I let him in and he was setting up the table, my wife took off her bikini top and walked across the room onto the attached terrace. The waiter continued to stare at her b**** throughout.
That evening we had s** and ordered some drinks again and it was the same guy who delivered. My wife was nude on the bed with just a sheet covering her bottom half and was sitting up topless. She started talking to him about his shift and asked him if would be available the same time the next day. He said he would so the next day we ordered room service the same time and when the waiter came to the room, my wife opened the door completely nude. She kept talking to him all the time and ensured that he had a good look at her b****, her ass and her p****.
On the last day before we checked out she invited him in and while she was sitting completely naked on the bed, she gave him a b****** while I watched. He came in her mouth, she swallowed and he left after thanking her profusely.
It was the best vacation I had taken.

Aug 17, 2014

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  • I know that feeling. My wife used to cheat on me. When I told Her I wanted her to be a openly sexual, she started confessing how she used to cheat on me right on the other side of the door where I was working. As well as with her doctor while I was waiting for her, she was giving him bj.

    After that we agreed she will never hide things from me again and we are a happy couple. There are many psychological explanations about why this is such a turn on. A cheating woman, or our woman being unfaithful. As long as is not emotionally.

    You should record her. Those recordings will last forever for you to remember. I have recordings of my wife with her best friend. He sent me the videos of them while I was working ;)

  • Your wife is a f****** who're and u are an a******

  • Next time video tape it , There is a website that people send of themselves video taping them self opening the door with just a towel and the woman drops the towel and gives the pizza boy a good look . It's HOT

  • I'll just never understand why guys want to watch their woman with another guy.

  • Everyone gets turned on in different ways , besides f****** your wife can get boring over time and you want to find ways to be creative .
    Next time have a 3 some

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